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Servo-Driven Rotary Auger Filler

November 12, 2012
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The all servo-driven rotary filler is easy to operate and maintain, while providing long-term production flexibility for fillers of dry product. It is designed to accurately fill a broad cross section of products, such as spices, non-dairy creamers, coffee, and cornstarch, into a variety of bottles and other rigid containers at rates of 100 to 400 units per minute. The rotary filler’s servo-driven design facilitates easy phasing of timing screws, turret stars, and auger filler electronically, which eliminates the time and expense associated with mechanical adjustments.  The system stores turret/timing screw position when it is shut down and automatically re-homes after an e-stop condition when the system is restarted. Servo technology also promotes enhanced performance of the unit’s no container/no fill feature because it enables the auger to stop more quickly. Continuous check weigh feedback allows automatic adjustments to improve fill accuracy rates, further maximizing the efficiency of the filling process.
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