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Screening, Classifying, & Separation Spotlight - June 09

May 26, 2009

Centrifugal Sifter
The Kek centrifugal sifter features an oversized hinged door for quick access to the sifting screen and cantilevered shaft. The fully cantilevered shaft eliminates oversize end bearings and seals, allowing for tool-free maintenance. This easy-clean design provides high standards in hygiene and ease of operation, resulting in maximum output and uptime. The sifter provides excellent size reduction for a variety of applications including classification, de-agglomeration, bulk conditioning, scalping, in-line sifting, policing raw material, de-dusting, de-watering, and reclaiming damaged product. It is compact, dust-tight, vibration free, and virtually silent.
Kemutec Powder Technologies, Bristol, PA 215-788-8013 www.kemutec.com

Gyratory Sifter
The GyraMax can increase a plant’s productivity by reducing the costs associated with routine maintenance and unscheduled repairs. Screen changes are quick and easy, even for multideck screeners. An operator can change any screen at any level of the machine from either end, without disturbing the other screens. Screens can also be changed through the top cover, and overhead lifting gear is not needed to remove a heavy cover. The dust cover is also constructed in sections that are easy to remove.
Sweco, Florence, KY 800-807-9326 www.sweco.com

Jet Sieve
Designed for small volumes and test applications, the MLS 200 jet sieve uses standard 8-in. sieves, prevents inaccurate results due to screen blinding, and de-dusts statically bound fines. It is used for all dry materials from 20 to 1000 μm and is ideal for electrostatic materials, as well as products that are predisposed to blinding.
Minox-Elcan, 800-283-5226 www.minox-elcan.com

Heavy-Duty Drawer-in-Housing
The Ox heavy-duty drawer-in-housing is applicable in a variety of processing conditions including external elements, like ambient temperature and humidity, as well as material contents that cause challenges, such as product bridging, abrasion, corrosion, and galling. Features include: a powerful rare earth 50 MgOe circuit for fine particle separation; Hydex wiper seals that are ideal for applications where product tends to stick on tubes; welded stainless-steel construction for long, noncorrosive life; Nedox-coated magnetic circuitry; and a rear-access door to aid customers in accessing the back of the housing for cleaning or maintenance purposes.
Industrial Magnetics Inc., Boyne City, MI 888-582-0821 www.magnetics.com

Centrifugal Sifters
Materials are fed into the sifter chamber by means of a feeder screw and then whirled in the sifter chamber by paddles. Hundreds of screen sizes are available in various materials to optimize separation of oversize product or fines from the process stream. Screens are totally removable for fast change-out and cleaning. Sifters can be used for scalping, classification, de-dusting, de-watering, and de-agglomerating applications.
S. Howes Inc., Silver Creek, NY 716-934-2611 www.showes.com

Ultrasonic Screening System
The redesigned Sonoscreenplus screening system is easy to use. Throughput can be optimized and intensity can be further fine-tuned. One generator can now power multiple screening systems, and the system is ATEX certified. Backwards compatibility with the existing screening system is assured. Users can operate the system easily via a membrane keyboard and preselected options allow 16 different, product-specific settings. In addition, the appropriate operating mode can be preselected for any screening problem. A memory card stores preset, customer-specific formulas that can be accessed at the touch of a button.
Telsonic Ultrasonic Inc., Shelby Township, MI 586-802-0033 www.telsonic.com

Vertical Spout
Powerful opposing magnets mounted to the outside of the housing draw tramp metal out of the product stream. A center diverter on the housing inlet helps direct product toward the magnets, and a single trap face design eliminates the possibility of the captured tramp metal being washed off back into the product stream. The magnets retract from the housing, taking the tramp metal out of the product flow area. A stripper plate stops as the magnets continue to retract, separating the magnets from the stripper plate. Tramp metal is safely discarded into collection trays.
Puritan Magnetics Inc., Oxford, MI 248-628-3808 www.puritanmagnetics.com

In-Line Sifter
Designed with a high net screening area, the QA36 pneumatic in-line sifter is an HACCP solution for operations with moderate to high production volumes. Manufactured with a high level of sanitation in mind, as well as ease of maintenance using lightweight components, and form-fitting, snap-on neoprene gaskets, the unit utilizes a gentle gyratory sifting motion. The sifter is designed to be directly inserted into a vacuum or dilute-phase pressure pneumatic conveying system.
Great Western Manufacturing Company, Inc., Leavenworth, KS 913-682-2291 www.gwmfg.com

Twin Centrifugal Screener
The Centri-Sifter twin ultrahigh capacity centrifugal screener scalps dry bulk materials, breaks up soft agglomerates, and de-waters moist solids or slurries, matching the capacity of two individual units but within a smaller footprint. Cantilevered three-bearing shafts allow quick removal of internal components from shaft ends, while providing maximum support and vibration-free operation. A feed splitter divides incoming material into the two horizontally oriented cylindrical screening chambers, each with a rotating helical paddle assembly. The assembly accelerates the movement of on-size particles through screen apertures, and oversize particles through the open end of the screen cylinder to a discharge chute.
Kason Corp., Millburn, NJ 973-467-8140 www.kason.com

Gyratory Sifter
The Model CS-1 gyratory sifter is an all-metal machine capable of providing from one to four separations of any dry product from ¼ in. down to 400 mesh. This sifter has the ability to screen up to 50,000 lb/hr and its passive, gentle gyratory motion keeps the product in constant contact with the screen for maximum capacity. The unit can provide from 5 to 35 sq ft of screening surface simply by adding
additional screen decks. This is all done in a 4 × 4 ft footprint, minimizing the space required to operate the sifter.
Sifter Parts & Service Inc., Wesley Chapel, FL 800-367-3591 www.sifterparts.com

Production Screening Machines
These screeners are self-contained production screening machines for separating dry materials according to particle size. Screener models can have from one to five screen surfaces for separations, with openings from ½-in. to 325 mesh. The gyratory-reciprocating motion begins with a horizontal circular motion at the feed end that immediately spreads the material across the full width of the screen, maximizing screen use. The circular motion gradually diminishes along the length of the machine to an elliptical path, and finally to a nearly straight line motion at the discharge end. This motion allows the machine to process material at a high-capacity and improves screening performance with near-size material. There is no vertical component to this motion, thus keeping the material in constant contact with the screen surface.
Rotex Global LLC, Cincinnati, OH 800-453-2321 www.rotex.com

Wafer-Thin Metal Detector
The MET30+ Universal Waferthin HF metal detector is now available in a high-frequency model that improves sensitivity by up to 30% by industry standards. The unit features a compact design to fit tight parameters, while still retaining high quality control standards and offers even greater sensitivity with the availability of high frequency. It is capable of detecting minuscule slivers of stainless steel while maintaining the slim detector case design that allows it to be installed in tight bagger and scale spaces.
Lock Inspection Systems, Fitchburg, MA 978-343-3716 www.lockinspection.com

Gravity Separator
The compact T-15 gravity separator features simplified and rugged controls to assure that machine settings will be trouble-free and drift-free. Material is fed onto a flat porous deck that is sloped in two directions. Low-pressure air is forced through the deck to fluidize and stratify the material bed. A vibrating action is applied to the deck to convey the heavier particles, which sink to the bottom of the material bed, up the inclination of the deck. Lighter particles are suspended in the rising airflow and slide down the slope of the deck. The final result, presented at the discharge face of the deck, is a continuous gradation of material from the densest, largest particles to the lightest, smallest particles.
Triple/S Dynamics, Dallas, TX 214-828-8604 www.sssdynamics.com

Turbine Classifiers
The ACS TD classifier is now offered in 10 sizes ranging from the laboratory machine that handles up to 50 lb/hr to the ACS-300TD, which is capable of feed rates in excess of 200 tn/hr. This TD, or twin discharge, series offers an increased fine particle production rate versus optimized classifier size. The feed material can be introduced pneumatically, predispersed in an airstream, or mechanically fed into the classifier. The airstream can be recycled to the classifier in closed circuit operation or filtered and discharged to atmosphere in open circuit operation. The cut point of the fine product can be precisely controlled by varying the rotational speed of the classifier blades.
RSG Inc., Sylacauga, AL 256-378-3836 www.airclassify.com

Gyratory Screening Machines
This company manufactures high-speed gyratory screening machines and will custom build a screen to exact needs. The Mini-Super screen is available in 4.5- to 12-sq-ft sizes, with one through three-deck configurations. Screens come in steel or stainless steel.
BM&M Screening Solutions, Surrey, BC, Canada 800-663-0323 www.bmandm.com

Shaker Sorter
This electric shaker has an integrated two-tier sorter pan designed specifically to screen, classify, and sort product. The built-in upper sorter pan is grooved and perforated to accommodate the smaller of the elements. As product travels along the tray, smaller elements fall through the perforations onto the lower conveyor, while others continue to travel along the upper conveyor for further processing. Engineered for rugged food, chemical, or pharmaceutical plant environments, the integrated M-50 electric shaker motor is able to handle parts up to 50 lb.
Magnetic Products Inc., Highland, MI 800-544-5930 www.mpimagnet.com