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Rotor Detection System

February 27, 2013

The use of plastic rotors in GEA Nu-Con demountable rotary valves is a sound solution for eliminating rotary valve scraping, which is a possibility with full stainless steel construction. Abrasive or high-temperature products, however, require stainless steel rotors to be used. GEA Nu-Con has developed a special monitoring device, Rotor Detection System (RDS), to manage the potential risk of rotor scraping. This device continuously monitors the electrical isolation between the rotor and valve housing, giving an immediate warning of any rotor contact, or presence of a metal shaving lodging between rotor and body. Generation 2 has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of CIP with a setting for dry out of the equipment. The complete Generation 2 assembly uses longer life bearings in the rotary valve unit, and a solid stainless steel rotor that can be serviced. Retrofitting existing Generation1 RDS and or rotary valves without RDS is an available option.
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