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Rotary Vane Feeder

February 5, 2013
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The introduction of the rotary vane feeder adds a design optimized continuous feeding technology to the rotary scalpel technology. The rotary scalpel is focused towards batch/filling applications. Whereas the addition of the rotary vane feeder enables 3I’s Technologies to offer more extreme solutions to the problems encountered across the whole feeding, batching, and filling processes. The rotary vane technology utilizes two key concepts: an inlet specially designed to ensure consistent material flow into the rotary drum; pneumatic evacuation technology to ensure reliable feeding, batching, and filling, even with difficult flowing materials. The rotary vane’s solution to the typical drawbacks of conventional feeding devices is the concept of filling each vane on a consistent basis and enabling complete discharge of each vane throughout the process. This procedure guarantees that a completely empty vane is presented for fill on the next rotation.
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