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Rotary Scalpel

February 6, 2013

The Rotary Scalpel is a metering device that provides processors with a new level of batching and/or filling accuracy by combining a unique rotary drum design with a pneumatic scalpel. A fundamental design feature of the Rotary Scalpel is to functionally decouple the inlet design from the discharge of the device, allowing the inlet to be sized to ensure consistent flow into the metering drum. The inlet is designed to take advantage of the Ideal Flow Rate (IFR), which is the rate at which materials flow most consistently and, as such, provides the most consistent fill of the drum vanes, enabling the precise selection for discharge of the finite amount of material required to complete the batch. This precision is accomplished via the use of the second unique aspect of the rotary scalpel technology, which is the pneumatic scalpel. The scalpel ‘knifes-off’ the precise amount of material as shown.
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