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Remote Process Monitoring

February 29, 2012

Two new models of Cell Switch enable industrial users to connect to their processes in real-time through existing cellular networks. With Cell Switch technology, as many as 10 users can be connected to their processes in real-time with a standard cellular device. The CS-440 is complete with four digital inputs and four digital outputs, while the CS-884 has eight digital inputs, eight digital outputs, and four analog inputs. Each device is completely configurable to fit a range of demanding industrial applications. Industrial uses include machine supervision and monitoring; pumping station monitoring; pollution control monitoring; server control and monitoring; control room applications; oil and gas pipeline monitoring; valve control monitoring; tank, level, and temperature monitoring and control; electrical sub-station monitoring; fleet management system; custom-designed monitoring and control applications. 
SCM Technologies, Cleveland, OH 440-781-8395 www.cell-switch.com