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R&D and Pilot-Scale Mixers

February 13, 2013

Ross manufactures a range of bench-top mixers for R&D and pilot-scale requirements, with many selections for multi-viscosity processing, dry solid-solid blending, powder wet-out, inline (continuous) mixing, agitated vacuum drying, homogenization, emulsification, and particle size reduction/wet milling. Ranging from 1-quart to 10-gal capacities, several of these laboratory mixers ship from stock and are being offered for trial/rental as well as free consignment. Available in both sanitary and non-sanitary configurations, all R&D and pilot-scale mixers are completely scalable for seamless transition to full-scale production. These include ribbon blenders, vertical blenders, tumble blenders, static mixers, high-speed dispersers, high-shear and ultra-high-shear (rotor/stator) mixers, powder induction systems, multi-shaft mixers, double planetary mixers, and planetary dispersers. Pictured is a 4-gal VersaMix triple-shaft mixer with built-in thermocouple, vacuum pump, and controls supplied on a mobile bench. When the product developed in this mixer moves on to full-scale production, mixing results are easily replicated whether in a 40- or 4000-gal VersaMix equipped with geometrically-similar agitators running at comparable tip speeds.
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