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Rare Earth Plate Magnets for Food Applications

April 2, 2014

Eriez super strength rare earth plate magnets provide strong protection against ferrous contamination to meet the strict requirements of food, pharmaceutical, and packaging industry applications. With up to five times more strength than conventional plate magnets, they expertly remove weakly magnetic and fine iron from dry or wet products. These separators are made with Erium 3000, a high-quality permanent magnetic power source that develops a magnetic field that has up to 25 times the magnetic pull of conventional ceramic (barium ferrite) or Alnico (aluminum–nickel–cobalt) magnet materials. These versatile super strength rare earth plate magnets can be located on the bottom of a chute or suspended over product flows. They are available in even inch magnet face width increments (e.g., 8-, 10-, 12-in.). For quality control, Eriez recommends periodic pull testing of all magnetic separators, provides free pull testing at customers’ facilities upon request, and offers state-of-the-art pull test kits for purchase.  
Eriez, Erie, PA 888-300-3743 www.eriez.com

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