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Product Focus

February 21, 2007

Vacuum Conical Dryers
These vacuum conical dryers are ideal for drying free-flowing materials that cannot stand attrition. Drying takes place in a conical chamber that rotates end over end to create a gentle folding and mixing action. The dryers remove moisture by exposing the materials to reduced pressure. Just enough heat is used to replace what heat is lost through vaporization. Standard working volumes range from 1 to 348 cu ft, with custom sizes available on request. Vapor-contacting parts are fabricated from carbon steel, stainless steel, or special alloys. Applications include drying fine chemicals, food products, pharmaceuticals, powders, powdered metals, fibers, and plastics.
McGill AirPressure LLC, Columbus, OH www.mcgillairpressure.com
Conical Screw Vacuum Dryer
The Saturn conical screw dryer is used for drying powders and granules and for removing solvent from product in chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic, plastic, and rubber applications. The dryer is available in carbon steel, varying grades of stainless steel, and other exotic alloys. Sizes range from 2 to 2650 cu ft. The dryer has a tapered screw, which is more efficient than a straight screw. This design reduces the unit’s total overall height, decreases blending time, and improves efficiency.
Jaygo Inc., Union, NJ 908-688-3600 www.jaygoinc.com
Rotary Dryers
Bartlett-Snow rotary dryers are engineered to ensure reliable operation, maximum availability, and energy efficiency. Offered in two basic designs, direct or indirect heated, and in sizes to meet most applications, they easily handle difficult materials such as alumina, coke, ferrites, and rare earth. Units are simple to erect, easy to operate, and require minimal maintenance. They are available as stand-alone units or as part of a complete thermal processing system. Direct-heated rotary dryers are available in 18- to 156-in. diameters with lengths from 10 to more than 100 ft. Indirect-heated rotary dryers are available with diameters from 6 to 120 in. and lengths from 10 to more than 100 ft.
Alstom Power Inc., Air Preheater Co., Raymond Operations, Warrenville, IL 630-393-1000 www.airpreheatercompany.com

Vacuum Dryers

VT vacuum dryers are based on a state-of-the-art technique: mechanically fluidized bed mix action augmented by high-speed choppers. The combined effect of these methods results in efficient thermal processing. The units can handle products from liquids to dry powders. Because of the unit’s high heat transfer and vacuum capabilities, products can be dried at lower temperatures, making the dryers suitable for temperature-sensitive materials.
Littleford Day Inc., Florence KY 800-365-8555 www.littleford.com

Multimode Dryers

Solidaire dryers have high-speed adjustable paddles that create an agitated, dense, thin layer of material against the jacketed vessel wall. A patented jet-rotor design allows gas or liquid to be injected through the paddles into the thin layer of material flowing along the wall of the unit. Three operating modes are available: indirect, direct, and a combination of both. These features enable the dryers to process a wide range of heat-sensitive materials, from free-flowing solids to wet cakes and slurries. The units can even handle materials whose flow characteristics change during drying. They also work well with low-density fine particles that might be fluidized in mechanically or pneumatically agitated equipment. The dryers have excellent heat-transfer coefficients and are ideal for materials that require residence times from under a minute to 15 minutes. During constant-rate drying, superior gas contact results in material temperatures at the wet bulb temperature, eliminating the need for vacuum.
Bepex International, Minneapolis, MN 612-331-4370 www.bepex.com
Desiccant Dryers
Blower Purge and Exhaust Purge desiccant dryers use a heated regeneration method to produce high-quality air and dew points as low as –40°F with minimal purge-air losses. All units feature a dual-tower design and durable, activated alumina. The desiccant beds are designed to optimize contact time between the purge air and the desiccant and to maximize desiccant life. The dryers also feature leak-free switching and check valves to reduce pressure drop, as well as solid-state controllers to monitor all essential operations. Standard sizes range from 5 to 5400 cfm; larger models are also available. Heatless desiccant dryers and a complete line of filters, drain traps, and condensate management products are also available.
Kaeser Compressors Inc., Fredericksburg, VA 800-777-7873 www.kaeser.com

Vibrating Fluid-Bed Dryer

Designed to dry or cool a variety of products at variable feed rates, vibrating fluid beds process materials that exhibit a wide range of particle distribution or those that are sluggish, sticky, or temperature sensitive. Lower fluidizing velocities, combined with optional recirculated gas and closed-loop systems, make the dryer more energy efficient than traditional processing units. The patented Delta-Phase Drive provides on-line adjustment of vibration angle and precise retention time control, increasing efficiency.
Carrier Vibrating Equipment Inc., Louisville, KY 502-969-3171 www.carriervibrating.com

Tray Dryer

The H-10 Turbo-Dryer is designed for easy cleaning between products and is used to dry water-wet material at low temperature or solvent-wet materials without the need for vacuum. Benefits of the system include gentle handling of fragile materials, automatic operation, product uniformity, and low horsepower and heat requirements.
Wyssmont Co. Inc., Fort Lee, NJ 201-947-4600 www.wyssmont.com

Drying Systems

Spin flash, spray, closed-circuit rotary, steam-tube, fluid-bed, and fluid-bed agglomerator drying systems are available. Also offered are complete engineering systems, fully integrating the various processes. The company’s laboratory and pilot plant facilities enable pretesting of processes to meet specific requirements.
Anhydro North America, Olympia Fields, IL 401-245-8068 www.anhydro.com

Plate Dryer
The Plate Dryer minimizes dust carryover and efficiently dries friable products up to 80% faster than do convection dryers. Short retention time and uniform drying protect product from thermal degradation, while separately heated and cooled plates enable precise temperature control.
KMPT USA Inc., Florence, KY, 859-547-1100 www.kmpt.net

High-Temperature Fluid-Bed Batch Dryer
A circular vibratory fluid-bed processing system dries small batches of bulk solid materials at high temperatures. The self-contained system integrates an 18-in.-diam fluid-bed processor with a heater, blower, cyclone separator, and controls. The unit is ready for connection to a material inlet/outlet and power source. Intended for small-volume production and laboratory or pilot-plant testing, the system dries batches up to 1 cu ft. At the end of each drying cycle, a valve at the spout of the fluid-bed chamber opens automatically to evacuate the batch.
Kason Corp., Millburn, NJ 973-467-8140 www.kason.com

Laboratory Dryer
The completely redesigned TG 200 fluid-bed dryer features all-digital controls for time, temperature, and airflow. It also has a quick-release cover and a powerful blower without carbon brushes that provides for increased drying capacity and up to 25% more drying temperature. A constant flow of warm air keeps the particles to be dried agitated and separate. The result is a rapid, gentle, and uniform drying process without localized overheating or agglomerations and a loose, thoroughly mixed product.
Retsch Inc., Newtown, PA 866-473-8724 www.retsch-us.com

Conical Vacuum Dryer

A vacuum dryer is designed for processing all types of bulk solid materials. Typical duties that can be carried out with absolute precision include drying under vacuum, mixing and blending, and liquid or gas injection. The conical dryer can dry down to the lowest moisture-content levels and gently handle product to avoid damage to the most sensitive materials. The unit delivers high mixing accuracy without segregation during discharge. Offering low power consumption, the dryer performs multiple automated processing tasks simultaneously using a single piece of equipment in a safe and enclosed environment. Advanced features include a heated mixing screw or heated internal cone and CIP and SIP systems. Laboratory-size to full-scale production-size units are available. Sizes range from 5 to 19,000 L.
Bolz-Summix, Swedesboro, NJ 856-241-9970 www.bolz-summix.com