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Preventing Fire and Dust Explosions in Powder/Bulk Processing

March 7, 2012

Powder and bulk processing conveys hazards in dust collection systems to other areas of production. This is due to the aggressive nature of processing the material: drying, shredding, granulating, and pelletizing processes. There is a high risk of generating ignition sources like sparks, which are quickly conveyed along the production line. These sparks can ignite product and waste dust, causing fires or dust explosions within filters or process equipment.

GreCon’s spark detection and extinguishing preventative system detects sparks or embers and automatically activates programmable countermeasures: extinguishment, deluge, abort gates, diversions gates, or machinery shutdown. Extinguishment releases a fine mist of water downstream, extinguishing sparks and embers, greatly reducing the risk of personnel injury, equipment damage, and downtime. Hazards are extinguished without conveying systems shutdown, filter bags damage, or production interruption.

The system is outlined in NFPA 69, 654, and 664 standards, and Factory Mutual approved.

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