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Precision Nickel Electroformed Filtration Material

October 2, 2012
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Precision Eforming manufactures precision nickel electroformed filtration material. Whether used for absolute filtration, particle sieving, or separation, testing or flow regulation, the precision and durability of materials allow them to be used in production control, as well as in production environments themselves. Apertures are offered in square, round, and slotted varieties. Available at the single micron increment, the materials hold size tolerances of +/-1um. A complete histogram certifying the lack of variation of apertures is included, free of charge, with every serialized piece of sieving media. High-quality filtration material with low, precise micron apertures matched up with ultrasonic vibrations sieving technology, virtually eliminates screen binding or clogging during the sieving process. The combination of the ultra-sieves and ultrasonics provides an increase in lifetime for sieving media and the ability to sieve even the most difficult of materials.
Precision Eforming LLC, Cortland, NY 607-753-7730 www.precisioneforming.com

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