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Portable TransLoaders for Flexibile Bulk Delivery

August 22, 2012

Portable TransLoaders save time, cut costs, and add flexibility to bulk delivery. The all-inclusive material handling system uses a diesel-driven positive displacement blower to move dry bulk materials from railcars to pressure discharge trailers for reliable delivery. The dual-purpose, load-and-discharge units – which are completely self-contained relying on on-board diesel and electrical power – require no special modifications to the receiving railcars and are equipped for various convey line sizes. The heavy-duty TransLoaders feature an HC vacuum-load semi-dense conveyor – with a 3-8-in.-diam material discharge. Included are self-contained PLC controls for reliability. Dual vibrators are included to assist the flow of dry bulk material during the load cycle. An integral dust collection system minimizes dusting and clean-up issues around the work area.
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