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Pneumatic Line Separation Magnets


A customer with a highly abrasive product required a separation magnet for a truck unload system. Previous magnetic units integrated in the unload systems failed in less than six weeks due to wearing by the abrasive product.

Industrial Magnetics Inc. designed and manufactured a custom Exposed Pole Tube Magnet (EP Tube) solution for the customer that provided extremely strong magnetic separation with a straight through flow design. The custom magnet contains two magnetic sections mounted opposite of each other outside of the product flow eliminating a wear point. The position of the magnetic sections ensures that metal will come in close proximity to a magnetic area that will have enough force to capture the unwanted metal. Both doors open to fully expose the magnets making it easier for the operator to clean and remove all of the captured metal. The straight through pipe design provides long unit life since any transitions in the pipe would create another wear point for the abrasive product.

The custom cart-mounted Pneumatic Line Housing’s (PLH) portable design allows it to be utilized in multiple locations such as loading/unloading from railcar, truck, or silo storage systems for dry/bulk pneumatic transfer applications. The unit’s staggered magnetic tube configuration ensures that all product flowing through the housing makes repeated contact with the magnets. The resulting capture rate of ferrous and weakly magnetic stainless contaminants exceeds other magnetic separator available for this type of application. A removable screen has also been incorporated to catch any non-magnetic objects giving this unit all-around product purification and equipment protection.
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