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Pneumatic Conveying Spotlight - August 09

July 31, 2009

Gentle Tablet Conveyors
In response to the increasing customer need to load filling machines with capsules and tablets, and working closely with leading users, this company has designed a variety of solutions for the unloading of tablets and capsules from drums, gaylords, and boxes, with or without poly liners. Systems range from top-down unloading to ‘open and tip’ and IBC discharge interface. Successful solutions for the transport of tablets, empty and filled capsules, dragees, etc., are all available in true CGMP designs. The conveyors and handling systems automatically transfer product to presses, bottle fillers, and other packaging or process equipment, within a vacuum airstream. The key to the system is an integrated energy trap that reduces the kinetic energy associated with transfer and impact damage.
Volkmann, Hainesport, NJ 609-265-0101 www.volkmann.info

Dense-Phase Pump
The dense flow system is primarily a high-pressure, low-velocity, dense-phase pump for conveying powdered or granular materials. The system can convey a wide variety of materials ranging from abrasive material such as sand, to corrosive material such as sodium chloride. Friable materials, such as extruded alumina, can be conveyed just as easily as nonabrasive products like fire extinguisher powder. The system differs from many competitive models because of the absence of air boosters along the pipeline. This system is able to achieve equal or greater results in many instances without the use of boosters. Some advantages to not having boosters are lower air consumption, lower installation costs, less maintenance, less wear and tear on the system, and less spare parts inventory.
J.D.B. Dense Flow, Palm Harbor, FL 727-785-8500 www.jdbdenseflow.com

Vacuum Pneumatic Conveyors
Pneuvac vacuum conveying systems are ideal for long-distance conveying and where product degradation is a concern. Capabilities include vacuum conveying of up to 6000 lb/hr of material at distances up to 300 ft. This makes them well suited for rapid discharging of material from road or rail tankers into silos, or for the transfer of product from bulk bags, hoppers, or silos to production processes. These conveyors ensure dust-free operation because the product is conveyed under vacuum within the conveying line and any leakage is into, rather than out of, the conveyor. This makes the equipment especially suitable for transferring hazardous materials and pharmaceutical preparations. The equipment is designed to meet sanitary standards, including the flexibility for easy dismantling should thorough cleaning between batches be required.
Spiroflow Systems, Charlotte, NC 704-291-9595 www.spiroflowsystems.com

Pneumatic Conveying Equipment
This company provides pneumatic conveying and de-dusting solutions for granules and powders. Besides dilute- and dense-phase pressure conveying systems, Strandphase conveying technology is available for gentle conveying of granular products. Moderate velocities prevent breakage and attrition of the conveyed product. Low-leakage, energy-saving rotary valves can be used for all types of pressure conveying. The new valves have more vanes and expanded rotor tips (patent pending), which result in low air leakage.
Pelletron, Lancaster, PA 717-293-4008 www.pelletroncorp.com

Mini Vacuum Conveyor
The MiniVac features easy side access for filter inspection and changeover. It provides efficient operation by retaining product within the process through the use of a regenerative blower and an adjustable pulse-jet filter cleaning system. The entire package is compact and lightweight, yet heavy duty in design with a performance capacity range of 800 to 5000 lb/hr. Units can be easily disassembled for cleaning and are available in standard industrial, sanitary, and pharmaceutical models. Discharge options include intermittent (batch) pneumatic-operated gate valves, slide valves, and rotary valves (for continuous transfer).
Hapman, Kalamazoo, MI 800-427-6260 www.ideasthatmove.com

Compressed-Air-Driven Conveyor
Engineered to be compact yet powerful, the C2100-64 quietly and hygienically conveys powder and bulk materials in spaces with low ceilings or limited space. The unit features COAX multistage ejector technology, consuming less air and energy than other compressed-air-driven conveyors. The design of the conveyor improves the vacuum-assisted flow by 25% without affecting energy consumption. The unit is able to transport from 1 to 1.5 tn/hr of powders and granules. Constructed of stainless steel, it is designed to withstand the most demanding manufacturing environment. It operates at feed pressures between 58 and 87 psi and at working temperatures from 0° to 140°F.
Piab USA Inc., Hingham, MA 781-337-7309 www.piab.com

Dense-Phase Pneumatic Conveying
The Full Line Concept system solves the degradation and wear problem in a dense-phase system. Most degradation and wear occurs primarily at the end of the conveying cycle, where the conveying velocities are always the highest. This system prevents the conveying line from purging or emptying at the end of the cycle by precisely controlling the supply air pressure and volume at the transport vessel. The system also utilizes the exclusive DC-5 air saver controls along the conveying line. Almost any conveying velocity, even down to 50 ft/min, is now achievable. Fragile and abrasive materials, such as carbon black, can be conveyed at velocities below 100 ft/min, resulting in only minimal degradation and wear.
Dynamic Air Inc., St. Paul, MN 651-484-2900 www.dynamicair.com