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Pelletron to Introduce Patented RC-DeDuster at Powder Show

March 21, 2012

Pelletron's DeDusting systems are used in the bulk solids industry for cleaning of all kind of granular products such as plastic pellets, regrind, dry bulk food, minerals, and others. Continuous customer demands for a flexible DeDuster that can handle only a few lb/hr, as well as larger quantities, were the driving factor for the development of the new RC-Series DeDuster with the CentraCone technology. This new DeDuster was designed to supersede the successful P1 and P5 series. The new design has the same low height as the P1 (12 in.), but can clean up to 600lb/hr, depending on the bulk density.

The well-proven electromagnetic coil feature remains unchanged. The electromagnetic field breaks the static bond between the electrostatically-charged plastic pellet and the small dust particles. Dust particles as small as 1 micron will be removed efficiently. However, some design changes were made in order to improve the efficiency of dust and angel hair removal. The product flows into an adjustable inlet funnel at the DeDuster. The adjustable inlet funnel distributes the product evenly to the central conical wash deck, also called CentraCone, and provides a smooth flow. The wash air, generated by a high-efficiency fan, pushes the air through holes and slots in the wash deck for efficient removal of dust and streamers. From the round wash deck, the material flows through the circular Venturi zone surrounding the wash deck. This area is designed to remove the long angel hair and heavier dust particles. The airflow velocity passing the Venturi zone can be regulated by adjusting the air volume. Dust and angel hair will be carried to the circular dust air channel. The combination of the design modifications and air flow improvements resulted in higher cleaning efficiency and lower carry over.

New features include:
* Lower height design at higher capacities
* Variable flow rates from 10 to 600 lb/hr
* Removes all kind of contaminates
* Low energy and air consumption

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