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Particle Size Analyzers

September 8, 2009
This new line of particle size analyzers features an innovative design for consistent dispersion of dry particles. The high-tech design combines variable air pressures with full software control of the pressure and the sample feed mechanism. The exclusive design is ideally suited for a wide range of samples including sticky particles, very fine or course particles, or hard and brittle materials. The design of the mixing chamber and the nozzle ensure that the airflow disperses the sample in a fine and homogenous particle cloud at low pressures to avoid particle destruction. Samples are de-agglomerated with air pressures ranging from 50mBar to 7Bar. The resulting particle flow is then directed to the laser path through a succession of Venturi sections and a special nozzle. Users can be assured of repeatable results, even in the submicron range, as the analyzers fully comply to ISO 13320 guidelines. Particle shape information is also available with the optional ExpertShape image analysis package.
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