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Particle Analysis Spotlight - August 09

July 31, 2009

On-line Particle Size Analysis
The automatic continuous on-line sizing (ACOS) system for on-line particle sizing uses dynamic light scattering (DLS). DLS is a well-established, absolute sizing technique traditionally used in an off-line mode for determining the size of particles in the range of 0.5 nm to 6.0 µm. The system is based around the new NanoDLS particle size analyzer that has a patented cell design and has been integrated into an automated sample extraction and measuring system. The full potential of ACOS is realized with the ability to automatically and continuously generate absolute particle size information for an extensive and diverse group of materials including proteins (and their aggregates), polymers, nanoparticles, dendrimers, micelles, and a wide range of colloids.
Brookhaven Instruments Corp., Holtsville, NY 631-758-3200 www.bic.com

Laser Particle Size Analyzer
The 1190 laser particle size analyzer has been designed with three lasers, guaranteeing high accuracy and precision from 0.04 to 2500 µm. With ExpertShape image analysis software, particle shape can be viewed along with particle size in a single instrument. Shape parameters such as aspect ratio, perimeter, area, shape factor, and many more can be measured with the imaging system. A fully programmable integrated liquid and dry dispersion system allows users to switch between dispersion modes without having to switch hardware or realign the system. Optical components are permanently mounted on a cast iron base plate to ensure the system is in alignment at all times. The unit is fully compliant to ISO 13320, 21 CFR Part 11, and USP 429.
Cilas Particle Size, Madison, WI 608-274-7719 www.particle-size.com

Particle Size and Shape Analyzer
The Particulate Systems particle insight dynamic image analyzer is ideal for applications in which the shape of raw materials—not just the diameter—is critical to the performance of the final product. The unit offers up to 28 different shape parameters analyzed in real time in either aqueous or organic solvent suspensions. The system operates in a range suitable for a wide variety of industrial, biological, and geological specimens from 3 to 300 μm in its standard configuration. Its recirculating sample module and precision optics are designed to acquire and report statistically valid measurements quickly, an essential quality control capability in many manufacturing processes.
Micromeritics Instrument Corp., Norcross, GA 770-662-3688 www.particulatesystems.com

Cement Particle Size Analyzer
The Insitec cement LabSizer delivers consistent particle size measurements within the challenging environment of cement plant laboratories. Offering high performance for large-volume dry powder samples, it is especially suitable for the fully automated laboratories that are common within the industry. The new instrument extends the company’s range of laser diffraction particle sizing systems for off-, on-, and at-line cement analysis. Characterizing particle size and size distribution by laser diffraction offers a cost-effective, accurate, and robust method of determining cement quality and strength. By enabling milling to tighter specifications, laser diffraction both increases throughput and reduces manufacturing costs, while leading to a more consistent final product.
Malvern Instruments Inc., Westborough, MA 508-768-6400 www.malvern.com/cement

Moisture Sensor
Practically all powders and bulk solids will undergo a combination of refining, washing, mixing, and drying operations during processing. The efficiency of these procedures will impact not only utility costs, but also the rate and volume of output. Near-infrared measurement technology is insensitive to variations in bulk density. It is noncontact, nondestructive, and designed to measure continuously over a representative sampling area. The MCT 360 can be installed over conveyors, incline chutes, and fluid bed dryers, using a viewing window, probe, or a powder sampling device to ensure good product presentation.
Process Sensors Corp., Milford, MA 508-473-9901 www.processsensors.com