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Palletizers Feature Rapid Changeover

November 16, 2012

These standard palletizers are built to simplify the palletizing of cases, trays, display packs, bundles, bags, and bulk product. These palletizers offer flexibility, rapid changeover, simple operation, and overall small form factors. Ideal for single or multiple lines and/or multiple SKUs, the designs utilize cost effective features and are offered in a variety of configurations tailored to the application, plant conditions, and operating environment. They are available with manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic pallet exchange options, including floor level pallet transfer for tall unit load applications in low ceiling environments. Pallet dispensers are available for fork or fully automatic loading for continuous non-stop operation. Options for slip and tier sheet include manually or fork loaded magazines or dispensers for pre-cut sheets. An optional built-in system for cutting sheets from roll stock to length as needed on-the-fly provides saving up to 20 percent over using pre-cut sheets. End-of-arm-tooling designs can accommodate any type of product or even a combination of products.
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