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Pallet Jacks with Integrated Scales

July 5, 2012

The Pallet Weigh and Pallet Weigh Plus material handling pallet jacks with integrated scales provide versatile products with features to streamline warehousing tasks. The Pallet Weigh product line solves this problem by integrating the scale into the material handling device. With Pallet Weigh, material can be weighed and moved at the same time. Pallet Weigh incorporates some key features to efficiently complete common material handling tasks, all from one device. With the Pallet Weigh’s summing feature, a truck can be optimally loaded with inventory while accumulating weight totals to prevent a costly truck overload. When receiving goods, the Pallet Weigh efficiently captures accurate weights while off-loading to verify accuracy of freight invoicing. The counting feature can optimize inventory by using weight to alert personnel to the container’s piece count. The optional printer can generate weight documentation right from the instrument.
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