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PAC High-Shear Mixerar Mixer

July 23, 2012
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When Powder Activated Carbon (PAC) is transported mechanically, dust is a major issue. The Sodimix is a new PAC dust absorption system that eliminates any dust created by screw conveyors feeding into slurry tanks without the use of air filters. The Sodimix principle is to pre-mix the PAC into a wetting/agitation immersion pipe with a high velocity shear mixer while a water eductor creates negative pressure in the same outlet, vacuuming any suspended dust through a unique reverse air/water filter. During the automatic cleaning cycle, a three-way valve diverts the supply water through the air/filter to collect and rinse the PAC particles captured from the conveying process. This new PAC filtration system is completely dust free and can be easily mounted on existing dry-to slurry-processes. Typical applications include PAC, polymers, potassium permanganate, and clay.
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