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Multi-Duty Airlocks

February 27, 2013

Even in severe operating conditions, the Multi-Duty (MD) Airlock is a low-maintenance workhorse. The MD meters highly abrasive products into conveying lines or storage areas. Ruggedly built with hardened precision machined abrasion-resistant Class 40 iron, the MD also features reliable TS4 seals. TS4 seals require no adjusting or maintenance and have the capacity to maintain a superior performance for up to 10 times longer than the typical three-ring packing gland seal. Mac Process also offers a wear-resistant version of the MD, which includes all standard features plus a ceramic coating on the casting bore to provide even more abrasion resistance. The shrouds and tips of the rotor are plasma sprayed with tungsten carbide to give additional abrasion resistance. During field testing in highly abrasive conditions, the wear-resistant airlock has demonstrated a lifespan up to eight times longer than non-treated airlocks.
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