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Moisture Meters

November 15, 2012

These meters employ the various principles of moisture determination including NIR (infra red), RF (radio frequency), DC resistance, and microwave. The meters are used a wide range of industries including foods, chemicals, paper, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, lumber, wall board, carpet, ceiling tiles, etc. Types of products include powders, granules, chips, flakes, web (paper and film), and board materials. The product line encompasses on-line, non-destructive, real-time meters, as well as laboratory and hand-held portable moisture meters. On-line moisture sensors are often scanned across the web to provide a moisture profile whose moisture record can be archived for future reference. On line meters include the new model 910sT touch-screen unit incorporating 4-20 ma and Ethernet output signals used for automatic process control through a PLC or DCS unit. This NIR instrument is also used to measure coat weight on papers and films. Oil/fat content in products such as potato and corn chips can also be measured using NIR.
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