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March 6, 2007

Hammer Mill
The Model 141 hammer mill reduces friable and fibrous materials into uniform particle sizes ranging from 20 to 300 mesh. Centrifugal force causes pivoting hammers to stand at 90° to the rotating shaft, throwing material against breaker-plate ridges in the feed section and then against perforated-bed screens through which sized material exits. The shaft, integral hammer disks, disk pins, and hammers are driven by a 75-hp motor at 1800 to 4000 rpm, achieving hammer-tip speeds of 8700 to 19,500 ft/min, even under heavy loads. This reduces a broad variety of solid material into particles at high rates. The mill can pulverize wood scraps, process grain, break down impact-resistant housings, destroy ammunition shells, pulverize newspaper, separate rubber from cord fiber, and reduce the size of a variety of other chemical, plastic, rubber, and agricultural products.
Munson Machinery Company, Inc., Utica, NY 315-797-0090 www.munsonmachinery.com

Inert-Gas Jet-Milling Service
Company offers high-capacity contract grinding services for inert jet-milling processes. This technology is particularly targeted at materials that are highly reactive to moisture or an oxygen environment. As part of a continual development program in toll processing technology, the company can now generate nitrogen gas to supply its production-scale equipment.
The Jet Pulverizer Company, Inc., Moorestown, NJ 800-670-9695 www.jetpul.com

Batch Attritor
The custom Model SDL-30 dry grinding batch attritor is available for customers that produce desiccants (sorbents) for the food and pharmaceutical industries. The unit’s cover has a Teflon shaft seal for grinding under low temperatures. It features a vent port for liquid nitrogen as well as two ports for charging separate ingredients. Featuring a gross tank volume of 52 gal, the mill is constructed with a 50-hp motor with a variable-frequency drive. The controller is installed in a separate enclosure and displays revolutions per minute, percent-load (torque) kilowatts, amperage, hertz, and output voltage. The operator station, mounted on the attritor, includes start and stop push buttons and a speed potentiometer. The mill also has specially configured arms to improve milling efficiency.
Union Process Inc., Akron, OH 330-929-3333 www.unionprocess.com

Classifying Impact Mill
The Powderizer is a classifying impact mill that can reduce powders to less than 10 µm. Because of its independently driven impact milling and air classification technologies, it can produce a consistent product despite variable feed conditions. It can also produce several different products from the same feed with simple dial-in adjustments. In addition, it is able to process heat-sensitive materials, making it suitable for chemical, food, pharmaceutical, and mineral applications.
Sturtevant Inc., Hanover, MA 800-992-0209 www.sturtevantinc.com

Disposable Knife System
The Type PS-C precision knife mill with a D-knife rotor is the latest addition to Pallmann’s line of mills. The system does not require the resharpening and the setting of the knife gap. The rotor has two cutting-edge strip knives, allowing for quick knife changeouts. The system is suitable for fine grinding of fibers, films, and foamed materials. It offers several advantages, including more knives in the rotor, better performance, and improved economy. The light, easy-to-handle system does not require regrinding or preadjustment.
Pallmann Industries Inc., Clifton, NJ 973-471-9773 www.PallmannIndustries.com
Grinding Mills
Vibra-Drum grinding mills’ unique rotational material motion can help processors achieve energy savings of 35–50%. New processes include micron grinding and mechanochemical grinding. The mills’ natural-frequency design provides excellent grinding performance and energy savings. The units can be used for processes other than grinding and have already been employed to process and agglomerate fiberglass, mix-product components, and clean castings.
General Kinematics Corp., Crystal Lake, IL 815-455-3222 www.generalkinematics.com
Pipeline Delumper
This 24-in. pipeline delumper is a powerful in-line processor that crushes, disperses, and suspends tough solids in fully enclosed pipe systems. The unit is specifically designed to handle oversized agglomerates, including granular polypropylene and polyethylene. It eliminates blockages, works the stream to free flow, prevents damage to pumps and other equipment, and is suitable for wet, dry, pressure, or gravity systems. The ultracompact straight-through unit is designed for easy installation. It is fluid-tight pressure rated and has the full throughput capacity of the pipe to which it is connected. Its working principle employs rugged impeller teeth that pass through a heavy bar grating to reduce the size of the product. The teeth completely clear the slots of the bar grating while cleaning the entire pipe cross-section area.
Franklin Miller Inc., Livingston, NJ 973-535-9200 www.franklinmiller.com
Universal Mills
Company has expanded its range of fine-grinding KEK universal mills to include the new Series 7h laboratory unit. The unit was designed for the milling of lab samples and is equally at home in a glovebox, in a cupboard, or on a benchtop. The mill’s range makes it suitable for use at the lab level or in pilot-plant and production units with up to 200-kW drive. By maintaining grinding media tip speeds, universal mill parameters can be scaled up more accurately from lab conditions to higher-throughput production processes, ensuring that ground-product specifications are not compromised and that particle size and shape consistency are maintained.
Kemutec, Bristol, PA 215-788-8013 www.kemutec.com