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Micronizer Jet Mill Produces Particles Less Than One Micron

February 3, 2014
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The Micronizer is a jet mill (fluid energy mill) employing compressed air or gas to produce particles less than one micron. Precisely aligned jets create a vortex inside the Micronizer. Material is fed into this vortex along an engineered tangent circle and accelerates at near super-sonic speeds. High-speed rotation subjects the material to particle-on-particle impact, creating increasingly smaller fines. While centrifugal force drives large particles toward the perimeter, fine particles move toward the center where they exit through the vortex finder. The Micronizer has been rigorously tested for complete scale-up from lab to production size with several sizes to choose from. It offers one-step grinding in a continuous or batch process with no dead zones to trap material, no moving parts to wear, no grinding media or lubrication to contaminate milled products. It is used in pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics, pigment, and ceramics industries, and can be applied to most bulk powder processing applications where sub-micron particle size is required.
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