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Micro-Feeder Designed for Mealy, Floury, and Granular Materials

April 24, 2012

Designed especially for mealy, floury, and granular materials, the micro-feeder MZMA is ideally suited for handling flours, starch, and vitamin premixes. The large capacity allows throughput rates ranging from 200 to 3500 l/hr. The special frequency-converter-controlled drive enables the material feed rate to be easy and accurately selected. The mixing hopper incorporates rotating elements that loosen the product and ensure a constant rate of material feed to the feed screw. The rugged machine design ensures maximum wear resistance. Most elements are maintenance-free. Maintenance-free bearings are durable and achieve a long service life. The micro-feeder is dust-tight: no dirt can escape from the machine. The absence of nooks and crannies is a particular advantage in product changes: The MZMA retains only a minimum amount of residues, thus speeding up process changes.
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