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Metal Detection & Separation Spotlight - September 09

September 8, 2009

Throat Metal Detector
The ZMFZ throat metal detector is ideal for inspecting a wide range of snack food and confectionery products including hard candies, toffees, chews, potato chips, and cereal mixes. The unit is offered in medium to high frequencies for improved detection of all metals, particularly difficult-to-detect stainless steel. Typically installed just prior to vertical form-fill-seal bag-making machines, the unit is ideal for free-flowing product. The unit allows confectionaries to be checked at the last possible moment before packaging so that there are no further opportunities for metal contamination prior to the packs being sealed.
Mettler-Toledo Safeline, Tampa, FL 800-447-4439 www.mt.com/pi

Self-Cleaning Pneumatic Line Housing
This self-cleaning, pneumatic line housing for magnetic separation in dilute-phase pneumatic systems is designed specifically for pneumatic line applications. The sealed unit eliminates line pressure drops and surges, is leakproof up to 15 psi, and has a self-cleaning feature that eliminates the need for operator-required cleaning of metal contamination. Based on the drawer-in-housing platform, this housing incorporates a series of 1-in.-diam 50 MgOe rare-earth, Nedox-coated tubes on staggered centers, versus a single, center-flow cartridge circuit that is often prescribed for pneumatic line systems. This configuration ensures that all product flowing through the housing makes repeated contact with the magnets.
Industrial Magnetics Inc., Boyne City, MI 800-662-4638 www.magnetics.com

Magnetic Separators
This complete line of magnetic separators is engineered for the food, grain, recycling, plastics, chemical, paper, and pharmaceutical industries. Tubes, grates, plates, chutes, pulleys, cylinders, drawer magnets, belt magnets, line magnets, eddy current separators, and electromagnetic separators are available in standard and custom sizes. They provide maximum separation of metal contaminants from fine ferrous particles to large pieces of tramp iron, in a variety of processed materials. The separators can be installed in any processing or production line where ferrous contaminants must be removed to ensure and protect product purity, prevent damage to machinery, and eliminate hazards associated with tramp metal.
Magnetic Products Inc., Highland, MI 800-544-5930 www.mpimagnet.com

Pneumatic Magnets
Air-Vey magnets are designed to remove ferrous contaminants from products in dilute-phase pneumatic conveying systems operating at 15 psi or less. These units are used to ensure product purity and protect process equipment. The flow-through area of the housing is engineered to maintain the same product velocity with no appreciable drop in pressure. The magnets install easily in horizontal, vertical, or angled positions with compression-type couplings or weld in place. Inside the stainless-steel housing is a powerful cylindrical-shaped magnet with a cone-shaped nose. As material enters the housing, the nose cone diverts the material around the cylindrical magnet where it passes through the magnetic field; ferrous contaminants are drawn to the magnetic surface. Ferrous contaminants are safely held in place as the cleaned product exits out the opposite end of the housing.
Puritan Magnetics Inc., Oxford, MI 248-628-3808 www.puritanmagnetics.com

Highly Sensitive Metal Detector
The user-friendly E-Z Tec DSP metal detector features a state-of-the-art electronic design that combines an easy-to-use 4 × 5-in. (¼ VGA) touch screen interface with advanced digital signal processing to provide detailed analysis and reporting. The unit has applications in a wide range of process industries, including food, chemical, pharmaceutical, plastics, and packaging. It features a high level of sensitivity and utilizes a standard three-coil aperture arrangement to send a signal to the unit’s control for digital processing. For improved function and simplified diagnostics, the electronics have been consolidated. Multiple detectors can be monitored and controlled from a single PC, which provide plantwide access to data and reports.
Eriez, Erie, PA 888-300-3743 www.eriez.com

Rotary Magnets
These high-capacity rotary magnets are a sanitary, efficient, and economical way to capture and remove ferrous particles from a process. Models for gravity-fed and pneumatically conveyed powders are available. The design allows for magnets to be inspected and cleaned completely outside the product zone, thereby reducing the risk of ferrous particles being reintroduced into the product. The rotary action breaks apart lumps and cohesive materials, which reduces clogging and bridging, and helps to prevent product from packing the process stream. Tool-free disassembly is offered. Industrial, food-grade, and USDA Dairy models are available.
Nu-Con Equipment, Chanhassen, MN 952-279-5210 www.nucon.com