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Megatex XD Screener

October 3, 2012

Because of the Megatex XD screener’s elliptical linear motion, production volumes of a dry particle processing line can be increased without degrading the quality of the end-product. The long stroke, low angle of the Megatex XD ensures the particles being screened sit close to the surface of the mesh aperture and do not bounce over it (unlike vibratory machines), guaranteeing precise separations in addition to the highest possible capacity. The large screening area and proper feeding of multiple decks ensure the bed depth of the material does not hinder effective screening that may occur with other screening methods.
This small-footprint machine features durable abrasion-resistant steel construction with hardened surfaces at critical material contact points for longer machine life. The Megatex XD is ergonomically designed with easy access to screen decks that allows swift screen changes/cleaning and thereby reduces costs.
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