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Material Handling & Transportation Spotlight - September 09

September 8, 2009

Self-Propelled Stainless-Steel Pallet Jack
This self-propelled stainless-steel pallet jack will not rust, has a weight capacity of 2500 to 5500 lb, and is now available with a scale. The unit is also available in a telescopic high-lift version with lift height to 78 in. The jack has a weight capacity from 2200 to 3300 lb.
M.O. Industries Inc., Whippany, NJ 973-386-9228 www.moindustries.com

Large-Diameter Vacuum Cups
These large vacuum cups are available in sizes up to 15 in. and larger to fit virtually any type of vacuum equipment used for lifting or ‘pick and place’ of large, bulky, cumbersome, or heavy items. Round, rectangular, and oval-shaped cups are available from stock for a variety of lift manufacturers. Materials are available to suit most applications including food-grade materials for food handling, high-temperature materials, and antistatic materials for handling electronic components.
Vi-Cas Manufacturing, Cincinnati, OH 513-791-7741 www.vi-cas.com

Vacuum Pumps
The adjustable E-Vac is a series of low-cost, compressed air-powered vacuum generators where the vacuum and flow rates can be easily adjusted to suit the application requirements. These vacuum pumps are ideal for a wide variety of ‘pick and place’, box opening, clamping, lifting, chucking, and surface-mounting applications. They are maintenance free and have no moving parts to wear out. Engineered for high efficiency, they minimize compressed air use by allowing it to be tuned to the application. With a simple turn of the unit, the vacuum and flow levels can be changed to overcome porosity and increase or decrease the lifting power.
Exair Corp., Cincinnati, OH 800-903-9247 www.exair.com/adjevac.htm

Pallet Transfer Cars
Designed to receive and discharge pallets and other heavy loads, these rugged transfer cars are built in a variety of sizes and capacities for 1000 to 10,000 lb payloads. Whether the need is for short- or long-distance delivery, or multilevel loading and unloading, each transfer car will be designed to suit the application. Surface conveyors will be powered rollers, wire mesh belt, or multistrand chain conveyors, depending on the application. Personnel safety bumpers, festoon power supply, V-grooved wheels, and urethane wheels are some of the available options.
Specialty Equipment, Houston, TX 713-467-1818 www.specialtyequipment.com

Bulk Liners
These bulk liners are available for 20- and 40-ft ocean containers and 53-ft over-the-road trailers, as well as 25- and 50-kg, ½-ton, and 1-ton FIBCs in various styles. The liners and totes are produced with virgin-grade, FDA-approved polyethylene (PE) film, and are polypropylene (PP) woven with a PE laminate coating and a Powerfoil moisture-barrier material. Liners can be manufactured to accommodate specific loading and unloading equipment. Products that have been successfully shipped include pellets, granules, and powder product that are nonhazardous with reasonable flow characteristics, as well as agricultural products, such as malt, grain, soybean, corn,and coffee.
Powertex Inc., Rouses Point, NY 518-297-4000 www.powertex.com

Jib Crane System for FIBCs
Telescopic jib-crane forks allow FIBCs and other materials to be positioned without getting the forklift too close to expensive manufacturing machines. The forks extend and retract hydraulically. This system helps prevent costly equipment and product damage by allowing the forklift to remain at a safe distance while the load is positioned using the telescopic system and side-shift function of the lift truck.
Reachable Solutions LLC, Chesapeake, VA 757-548-4142 www.reachablesolutions.com

Vacuum Tube Lifter System
The UniMove vacuum tube lifting system lets one operator effortlessly pick up and move items that weigh up to 1000 lb. Made of standard stainless-steel and USDA-approved materials, the unit handles a variety of products including: metal, fiber, and plastic drums; corrugated cartons; and paper and plastic bags. The patented valve design allows the unit to automatically adjust for uneven, flexible, rough, and porous surfaces. It is ideal for repetitive lifting applications and can reduce or eliminate costly lifting-related injuries.
UniTech Industries Inc., Palmerton, PA 610-826-7855 www.unimove.com