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Material Handling & Transportation Focus - June 09

May 27, 2009

Fluidizing Liner Discharge
The Jet-Flow patent-pending fluidizing discharge system is an option that can be incorporated in all of the company’s liners, whether intended for a 20- or 40-ft ISO standard container, or a 30-ft
top-load container. Some dry bulk products are difficult or have even been considered impossible to discharge from a container liner because the material characteristic is non-free-flowing. Using a liner equipped with Jet-Flow increases the number of materials that are suitable for transport in a dry bulk liner. Discharge of such products is as easy as any free-flowing material. The system provides reduced discharge times when used with products that are normally considered nonproblematic.
Caretex, Copenhagen, Denmark +45 4926 1866 www.caretex.dk

Drum Lifter/Tilter with Scale
This unit features rugged, all polished Type 304 stainless-steel construction. With a lifting capacity of 600 lb and a hydraulic cylinder stroke of 40 in., the unit clamps, lifts, and tilts most drums via a handle pump and handwheels. It maneuvers easily with a set of six wheels. A full-powerized model is available.
M.O. Industries Inc., Whippany, NJ 973-386-9228 www.moindustries.com

Railcar Blasting Systems
The airless Autoblast railcar cleaning system cleans the inside and outside surface of railcars. Railcars ready for blast cleaning enter an automated railcar conveyor system and move through the airless blast zone where oscillating wheel pods (wheels mounted on panels) provide uniform blast coverage. Depending on the customer’s requirements, a set of 10 or 12 EZEFIT direct-drive wheels (the set of 12 features TargetLok control cage positioning) propel the media at work. Gearmotor screw conveyor drives with rugged hanger bearings guarantee maximum uptime and reduced maintenance for the media-reclaim system. Key features of the system include a compensating flow air wash separator that removes contaminants, and full floor reclaim hoppers that collect media for recycling.
Wheelabrator Group, Burlington, ON, Canada 800-845-8508 www.wheelabratorgroup.com

Automated Railcar Door–Opening System
RailHawk is a fully automated railcar door–opening system that dumps a hopper car’s contents as the car is positioned over the pit. The system makes railcar unloading more productive and increases the safety of operations. The scanning system is setup to scan the pit infeed as cars are indexed in and advanced algorithms are used to identify capstans that pass by. When a capstan is detected, its orientation is recorded and its position is tracked through the entire pit. An automated car door opener is then dispatched to the capstan, where it automatically aligns, inserts, and opens the gate. Since it continually scans and tracks each railcar, the system has the flexibility to operate on cars that are coupled, uncoupled, stationary, or in motion. In addition, the system will detect when the grain is unloading and when unloading is complete, triggering the gate closing sequence automatically.
Concept Systems Inc., Albany, OR 866-791-8140 www.conceptsystemsinc.com

Vacuum Lifter
The UniMove vacuum lifting system allows one operator to pick up and move items that weigh up to 1000 lb. Constructed of standard stainless steel, it can handle a large variety of products, including corrugated boxes, bags, metal and plastic drums, and large sheets of metal or wood. It can handle uneven, flexible, rough, and porous surfaces. The patented valve design automatically adjusts for all of the above.
UniTech Industries Inc., Palmerton, PA 610-826-7855 www.unimove.com

Articulated Jib Arm Lifter
The Conco Articulated Jib Lifter (AJL) offers lifting capability from 165 to 665 lb, along with a lift range of up to 120 in. and a standard reach from 8 to 16 ft. The unit can be used in a broad range of light to heavy lifting applications and comes standard with a threaded interface at the end of the cable and a safety latch hook at the end of the chain. The secondary arm can be mounted above the primary arm in low headroom clearance applications. The primary and secondary joints come standard with 360° continuous rotation. End-effectors are optional. The unit can can be mounted on an overhead trolley or pedestal, wall mounted, or mounted on a mobile or portable base.
Positech Corp., Laurens, IA 800-831-6026 www.positech.com

Industrial Railcar Mover
The C-series Commander model features a urethane impact cushioned AAR-type sliding coupler that offers advantages over previous pin-type rotating coupler systems. The cushioning effect of the urethane pillow blocks is greatly enhanced, thereby reducing coupling impact shock loads, as well as rail movement vibration, from being passed into the vehicle though the couplers. The coupler knuckle now slides from side to side along a lubricated plate. This increases the lateral range of movement of the coupling mechanism, permitting movement through tighter curves without risk of binding the couplers.
Shuttlewagon Inc., Grandview, MO 816-767-0300 www.shuttlewagon.com