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Material Handling and Transportation Spotlight - February 09

February 3, 2009

Cushioning Device
Skid-Mate is an air-dampened cushioning device that provides durable, shock- and chemical-resistant protection for sensitive products. It can be easily mounted on a crate or pallet base, thereby creating an air-ride cushion that eliminates the need for hardwood skid runners or air-ride trucks. Each Skid-Mate is color coded to correspond to a specific load range, which allows users to easily calculate requirements. The Skid-Mate+Plus consists of a Skid-Mate cushion and a rugged polyethylene spacer disk that increases the total height to 4 in. The unit is capable of accepting most pallet jacks worldwide.
Hardigg Cases, South Deerfield, MA 800-542-7344 www.hardigg.com

Forklift Attachment 
The L4F-QC forklift attachment includes an automatic cam device that locks the attachment to the forklift, thereby eliminating safety chains and the need for a driver to dismount the truck to secure the attachment to the forklift. It is fully mechanical and requires no hydraulic or electric connections. It handles one to four steel-, fiber-, and plastic-rimmed drums at a time, each weighing up to 2000 lb. A gravity- and spring-activated cam system automatically locks the attachment to the forks of the lift truck as soon as the L4F-QC is raised off the ground. The cams automatically release when the attachment is set back on firm ground.
Liftomatic Material Handling Inc., Buffalo Grove, IL 800-837-6540 www.liftomatic.com

Lift Truck Forks
RollerForks are lift truck forks for palletless loading and unloading of carton boxes, FIBCs, and bagged products that are stacked on a slip-sheet. They are standard-lift truck forks that incorporate two layers of rollers. When the bottom row of rollers touches the floor, they cause the top row of rollers to rotate in the opposite direction. This allows the forks to slide under the slip sheet without disturbing the products. When the forks are raised, the rollers fall downward and place the products securely on the upper side of the forks, which enables the products to be unloaded in the opposite loading order.
Meijer Special Equipment, St. Jacobiparochie, The Netherlands +31 518 492927 www.rollerforks.com

Explosionproof Drum Discharging System with Surge Hopper
This system is designed to provide a sealed discharge of drums containing explosive powders into a custom stainless-steel surge hopper. The hopper features a quick-release top cover, bin vent filter system with pulse-jet cleaning, and an actuated discharge gate with 42-in. clear beneath. A patented Control Link rotation system provides controlled 180° drum rotation for maximum product discharge. All product contact surfaces are Type 304 stainless steel and system electricals meet Class II, Division I, Group E requirements. Systems are custom designed to meet specific application requirements.
Material Transfer & Storage, Allegan, MI 800-836-7068 www.materialtransfer.com

Lift and Place Pallet Dispenser
This lift and place pallet stacker and dispenser runs damaged pallets and handles them gently to prevent further damage during stacking and indexing. It utilizes a side-clamp design that grips and lifts the stack from the bottom pallet, thereby allowing it to feed independently from the stack. This device maintains pallet integrity while smoothly indexing less-than-perfect pallets with raised nails or loose boards. This method is superior to hydraulic pallet dispensers that use a pusher ram to strip each pallet from the bottom of the stack, which can jam or cause further damage to poor pallets. This unit can automatically feed pallets to case or bag palletizers, or stack empty pallets from case or bulk depalletizers. It can be fitted to virtually any palletizer infeed or depalletizer outfeed conveyor and is easily adjustable to a variety of pallet sizes.
A-B-C Packaging Machine Corp., Tarpon Springs, FL 800-237-5975 www.abcpackaging.com