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Level Indicators & Flow Measurement Spotlight - July 09

June 17, 2009

Point Level Switches
Model LS2000 radio-frequency point level switches sense the level of dry solids in hoppers, silos, and dust collectors. The proprietary RF circuit allows the probe to function, even when the probe is fouled with material buildup. Since the unit has no moving parts, there are no bearings to wear out or motors to replace. The unit is a retrofit for rotating paddle-type switches, using the same control wiring. Features include an explosionproof housing, field-selectable fail-safe operation, and choice of a 10-in.–long Type 316 stainless steel probe or a 4-in. ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene probe.
Babbitt International, Houston, TX 800-835-8012 www.babbittintl.com

RF Capacitance Level Sensor
The TrueCap Model MK-2 RF capacitance point level bin sensor is designed to provide superior and stable sensitivity threshold, making it suitable for a variety of powder and bulk solids applications. It has push-button calibration and sensitivity selection, as well as a built-in automatic temperature compensation circuit. The circuit combines with the microcontroller to provide automatic calibration compensation. The unit also provides automatic immunity to material buildup on the probe by its driven shield design, and contains a universal power supply of 48–240-V ac/24–48-V dc.
Monitor Technologies LLC, Elburn, IL 800-766-6486 www.monitortech.com

Vibrating Point Level Switch
Siemens has added the Sitrans LVS100 level switch to its line of vibrating point level switches for high, low, or demand levels of dry bulk solids in bins, silos, or hoppers. The new device detects the presence of material with bulk densities starting at 3.8 lb/cu ft in hazardous applications. It is used primarily for high- or low-level indication and redundancy of continuous level systems as overfill or dry run protection. The instrument is impervious to external vibrations and the vibrating fork design ensures the sensing tines are kept clean for reduced maintenance. It features a compact design that can be top-, side-, or angle-mounted.
Siemens Energy & Automation Inc., Spring House, PA 215-646-7400 www.sea.siemens.com

Mass-Flow Meter
The CentriFlow meter is an accurate, maintenance-free, cost-effective, solid particle mass-flow meter that now features easy-to-use digital electronics. A color touch screen HMI displays both flow rate and totalization simultaneously. Calibrations such as zero adjustment and static, dynamic, and field calibration can be done with the simple touch of the screen. It has a 2 gigabyte, compact flash card that records data every second for one year.
Eastern Instruments, Wilmington, NC 910-392-2490 www.easterninstruments.com

Continuous-Level Measurement Sensor
The SmartBob-TS1 sensor is a cable-based, continuous-level measurement sensor for bins up to 40 ft tall. The compact, rugged instrument weighs less than 10 lb and is immune to airborne dust and filling noise that frequently prevent other continuous-level devices from working reliably. Compatible with eBob software and consoles from SmartBob inventory tracking system, the unit is designed to measure powders, granules, pellets, plastic resins, and dry bulk solids in smaller bins, tanks, and silos. It offers 4–20-mA outputs and the versatility of RS-485 or wireless communications via an optional built-in 900 MHz wireless modem.
BinMaster, Lincoln, NE 800-278-4241 www.binmaster.com

Ultrasonic Level Measurement
The Echo Level Hunter and Xducer series measures solid levels up to 132 ft in range. It has five SPDT relays and a 4–20 mA output. The transducers are available in 20-, 33-, 82-, and 132-ft ranges for the toughest applications. Radial mode transmission is used for producing echo with the narrowest beam angle and strongest signal strength. Successful level applications include plastic pellets, fly ash, coal, rock, and titanium dioxide silos.
Echo Process Instrumentation Inc., Shalimar, FL 850-609-1777 www.echopi.com

Flow Meter
The MaxxFlow is designed to measure medium to high flow rates (10–500 tn/hr) of powders, pellets, and granulates. In the past, only complex mechanical systems like impact flow meters and weigh feeders were possible. Advanced technology in electromagnetic velocity measurement and microwave concentration has produced an open cross-sectional spool piece less than 16 in. long. This meter can fit anywhere in your process under free-fall or sliding conditions with no straight run requirements. The system is ideal for truck and railcar loadouts or critical process measurements. The accuracy is ±1–3% with repeatability to 0.2% using the recommended online calibration process.
GTS Inc., Shalimar, FL 850-651-3388 www.onthelevel.com

Level and Flow Control Interface
This company is now using the HawkLink interface to communicate with its devices via cell phone networks or the Internet. The company can help customers with commissioning and start-up remotely. A HawkLink unit collects inputs from the sensors and switches, and relays them to the company’s central server. At the other end of the link, a technician can log onto the server using a PC running GosHawk software and watch the inputs from the devices changing in real time. The HawkLink can transfer data in both directions, so the technician can also change the calibration and set points on the devices.
Hawk Measurement, Middleton, MA 888-429-5538 www.hawkmeasure.com

Inventory Management System
The ORB 2.2 inventory management system increases supply-chain productivity by integrating both level and weight data in a single information system. It digitally links with Bindicator level instruments and Kistler-Morse weighing systems, and accepts additional process data from any 4–20 mA device. Through a Web connection, users can remotely view real-time and historical inventory data for multiple vessels in a browser-based graphical interface. Data can be downloaded for manipulation in database or materials planning applications. The ORB also functions as an information server to routinely transmit data to remote client databases, or to alert users of inventory and alarm conditions via e-mail.
Venture Measurement Company LLC, Spartanburg, SC 864-574-8960 www.venturemeas.com