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April 3, 2008

Form-Fitted Liners
Booth 2520 – The fill and discharge spouts of these form-fitted liners for FIBCs are shaped to nest perfectly inside the bulk bag, which eliminates wrinkles and pockets. Using these liners maximizes capacity and handling efficiency, since prefilling inflation is unnecessary. Standard liners are made of natural-colored WinFlex LLDPE/LDPE in a 3-mil gauge and meet FDA guidelines. Different gauges, custom colors, and special constructions are available. Dissimilar materials can be joined.
B.A.G. Corp., Dallas, TX 800-331-9200 www.bagcorp.com

Inverting Filter Centrifuge
Booth 2711 – The F series is the second generation of an inverting filter centrifuge that incorporates several new features: a compact design and a smaller footprint; higher G-force, resulting in lower residual moisture; greater production throughput; a 50% reduction in machine parts; pressure-added centrifugation technology; and a better value/cost ratio. The unit offers greater flexibility in the range of products that can be centrifuged and provides easy clean-in-place cleanability for multiproduct applications.
Heinkel USA, Swedesboro, NJ 856-467-3399 www.heinkelusa.com

Vertical Cone Orbiting Screw Mixer
Booth 2711 – This conical mixer is designed for processing all types of powders, pastes, slurries, granules, pellets, and other materials in the pharmaceutical, food, and chemical industries. Typical tasks, including mixing and blending, liquid or gas injection into the batch, and drying, can be carried out with absolute precision. It is also possible to perform multiple automated processing tasks simultaneously in a single piece of equipment in a safe and enclosed vessel. Benefits include high mixing accuracy of 1:100,000 with the lowest shear force transferred into the product; a top-driven orbiting arm with a cantilevered mixing screw without a bottom support bearing; 3-D mixing action; and flexibility in handling the most diverse types of products (e.g., sticky, shear sensitive, bridging, gummy, poor-flowing, heat-sensitive, and multidense materials and materials with multisized particles).
Bolz-Summix, Swedesboro, NJ 856-241-9970 www.bolz-summix.com

Discharge Trough Feeder Valve
Booth 2738 – The DTFV valve can be used in trough-style dust collectors, replacing short screw conveyors, discharge hoppers, or high-capacity units in which standard rotary airlock valves do not provide the required throughput. The valve has a maximum number of blades that contact the body at one time, leaving throughput unaffected. A substantial throat opening at the valve entry point allows for high pocket-filling efficiency. The robust body is adequately stiffened to prevent distortion, while heavy shaft diameters minimize rotor deflection.
ACS Valves, North Caledonia, ON, Canada 800-655-3447 www.acsvalves.com

Safety Shield with Slide Gate
Booth 2642 – The new design of the Thermo Safety Shield features a linear slide gate rather than a rotary gate. The slide gate’s rugged construction allows it to be operated under adverse conditions, such as when material builds up on the inside of an air cannon discharge pipe. Air cannons provide a powerful blast of air to improve the flow of materials through storage and process vessels. Applications include the recovery of solids from bins and silos and the elimination of buildup in cement kiln preheater towers. The shield is installed on an air-cannon discharge pipe between the air-cannon discharge valve and the process vessel. The shield shelters workers from exposure to heat and dust during inspection or maintenance work on air cannons that are installed in high-temperature applications such as cement preheater towers and lime kilns. It can be installed on any air cannon with a 4- or 6-in. discharge valve.
Martin Engineering, Neponset, IL 800-544-2947 www.martin-eng.com

Smart Level Switch
Booth 5324 – The Gladiator smart-admittance level switch can detect the level of slurry or powder in a tank or vessel. The unit measures the capacitance or “admittance” between a probe and the wall of the container. As the level of the product rises to the level of the probe or drops below that level, the capacitance measured at the probe changes. The unit detects this change and produces an output. It can monitor materials with a wide range of dielectric constants, so the system is compatible with a large variety of slurries and powders. Designed to operate in tough industrial environments, the switch is simple to set up and calibrate and has excellent temperature stability. Several probe types are available to meet specific application requirements, and all types are resistant to product buildup. The Gladiator communicates using Modbus, HART, or Profibus protocols. A remote amplifier can be positioned up to 1640 ft away from the unit. The HawkLink GSM/CDMA communications option allows technicians to commission, calibrate, test, or check the output of the unit from anywhere in the world.
Hawk Measurement, Phoenix, AZ 888-429-5538 www.hawkmeasure.com

Airflow Measurement
Booth 2640 – Plug-resistant VAP³ Pitot technology is used for industrial applications in which accurate airflow measurement is needed for process control. The High Beta flow element utilizes VAP³ Pitots and straightens flow profiles in complex duct systems for accurate measurement. VAP³/PA Pitots (for particulate applications) and VAP³/SA Pitots (for standard or clean-air applications) are designed to provide accurate differential pressure outputs, allowing for precise airflow measurement or process control. The High Beta flow element is ideal for either new or retrofit applications in which insufficient straight duct runs are present or in which accuracy is required.
Eastern Instruments, Wilmington, NC 910-392-2490 www.easterninstruments.com

Circular Unitized Gyratory Screen
Booth 2711 – The Vibroscreen is a large, circular unitized gyratory screen with three-component multiplane mechanical vibration. Motion is achieved by a motor with a double-extended shaft that is fitted at both ends with eccentric weights. The whole drive assembly is mounted on a circular base by rugged springs that allow the unit to vibrate freely. At the same time, the springs prevent transmitted vibration from reaching the floor area on which the machine stands. Screens can be mounted on top of each other within the screening assembly. The unit is suitable for all types of screening operations.
(Pennwalt) MPE Group USA, Swedesboro, NJ 856-241-9970 www.mpegroupusa.com

Moisture and Dryer Control System
Booth 2518 – A new water activity option for the Delta T moisture and dryer control system enables the moisture content of products such as pet food, animal feed, grain products, gluten, starch, DDGS, foods, and pharmaceuticals to be safely maximized without producing products that are subject to the growth of mold or other harmful microorganisms. The graph describes how this new technology uses on-line water activity control to set and maintain the upper MC specification limit for the production of a safe and more profitable product.
Drying Technology Inc., Silsbee, TX 409-385-6422; www.moisturecontrols.com

Drum Discharging and Feeding System
Booth 3917 – This 180° rotation-drum discharging and feeding system includes the exclusive Lift & Seal system, a Type 304 stainless-steel pour cone, and an adjustable metering valve for dust-tight discharge and feeding of various dry solids and powders. The unit allows the operator to effortlessly load, seal, invert, and discharge a variety of drum sizes at a height specifically engineered to application needs.
Material Transfer & Storage Inc., Allegan, MI 800-836-7068 www.materialtransfer.com

Dust Removal System
Booth 1343 – This company offers the patented Compact Cyclonic DeDuster (CCD) dust-removal system, combined with the XP-series DeDuster. The core element of the system, the DeDuster, removes resin dust, streamers, metal dust, dirt, paper, and other contaminants. The contaminants are separated from cleaning air in a high-efficiency cyclone and are collected in a dust drum under the cyclone. The full dust drum can be changed without interrupting the operation. The cleaning air is returned to the DeDuster, after passing through an in-line filter. The system is ideal for cleaning of regrind.
Pelletron Corp., Lancaster, PA 717-293-4008 www.pelletroncorp.com

Weighing Equipment
Booth 1845 – Flexible, accurate weighing equipment includes weight controllers and indicators, rate controllers, Allen-Bradley–compatible plug-in weigh modules, load cells, and scales. Only 3-in. deep, the HI 4050 weight controller is available with ac or dc power and panel, remote, or blind DIN rail mounting. It installs quickly with no special holes to cut. Available with EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet, Remote I/O, and Profibus interface, it includes Waversaver to eliminate the effects of surrounding vibration and C2 electronic calibration without test weights.
Hardy Instruments, San Diego, CA 800-821-5831 www.hardyinstruments.com

Batch Mixer
Booth 2449 – With 30-cu-ft mixing capacity, this batch mixer is ideal for sanitary mixing applications. Features include Type 304 stainless steel and a 36-in.-diam × 4-ft-¼-in. polished-quality trough with the ends opposite-drive bolted (they can also be seal welded, if required). The mixer has a paddle-style agitator with welded arms and welded blades; internal welds that are ground to a minimum 80-grit finish; easy-clean (split-design) stuffing-box shaft seals; an air-purged 8-in. discharge tube with a flange that is suitable for mounting a butterfly valve; a 20-hp TEFC motor; a 3P, 60-Hz, 1800-rpm 230/460-V frame; and a 256T Dodge TAII5215H40 shaft-mounted reducer.
Marion Mixers Inc., Marion, IA 800-397-6371 www.marionmixers.com

Fitting System
Booth 3826 – The BFM fitting system is a flexible connector and coupling designed for round inlets and outlets on all moving and stationary industrial processing equipment. This patented system is 3A dairy certified and USDA dairy approved. It eliminates all crevices in which product tends to get caught. Hose clamps are not required. The connectors offer a flexible yet tight seal that can be made with the speed and convenience of a snap-in installation. They are available in Type 304 or Type 316L stainless steel, with mild-steel coupling adapters for clamp-on, flanged, or welded attachment to existing spouting. Flexible connectors come in clear FDA static-free polyurethane, PTFE nonstick film, polyester, and Kevlar breathable fabrics.
Siftex Equipment Company, Inc., South Windsor, CT 800-274-3839 www.bfmfitting.com

Classifying Equipment
Booth 1204 – Ecutec equipment, used for classifying, coating, and grinding fine and ultrafine powders from 150 to 1 µm, includes complete integrated turnkey systems and precision, stand-alone equipment. The clas­sifiers are designed using advanced computational flow dynamics modeling software to predict airflow and particle path characteristics. Proprietary rotor manufacturing techniques allow the classifiers to operate at high tip speeds, resulting in fine, accurate separations.
Sweco, Florence, KY 800-807-9326 www.sweco.com

Reclaim Unloader
Booth 1821 – The Action Unloader product line utilizes Starvrac technology. Recognized as reclaim unloaders for bulk-material storage applications, these units are designed to integrate with steel tanks, concrete, and dome storage facilities. The 360° sweeping action of the screw across the base of the silo causes the product to be drawn to a central discharge point, where it can be collected using bulk transfer equipment.
Tank Connection, Parsons, KS 620-423-3010 www.actionunloader.com

Two-Bearing Centrifugal Screener
Booth 1224 – The Centri-Sifter centrifugal screener features a cantilevered shaft with two externally mounted bearings between the screening chamber and motor drive, allowing all internals to slide freely from the shaft end for cleaning, screen changes, or inspection. Wide spacing between the bearings, a large-diameter shaft, and a flexible shaft coupling combine to prevent vibration, even at high speeds under heavy, imbalanced loads. The unit is intended for food, dairy, pharmaceutical, and other contamination-sensitive applications that require thorough washdowns, frequent screen changes and inspections, or runs of multiple materials. It meets USDA, FDA, BISSC, 3-A, and other sanitary standards and provides continuous operation in-line with dilute-phase pneumatic conveying or gravity-fed systems.
Kason Corp., Millburn, NJ 973-467-8140 www.kason.com

Laboratory Mill
Booth 3519 – The Kek 7H universal pin and turbo mill can mill small-scale laboratory samples and then allow direct scalability to R&D, pilot, and production applications. Its compact design is suitable for operation in a glovebox or a fume hood, or it can be placed on a benchtop. The mill is easy to dismantle for cleaning and has autoclavable components. It is supplied with a range of interchangeable grinding media.
Kemutec Powder Technologies, Bristol, PA 215-788-8013 www.kemutec.com

Infrared Transmitter
Booth 2719 – The MCT360 NIR transmitter can operate on its own or in a multipoint network. It can make three NIR constituent measurements with a fourth product temperature measurement simultaneously. Used in a wide variety of applications, the unit provides off-line accuracy under on-line operating conditions.
Process Sensors Corp., Milford, MA 508-473-9901 www.processsensors.com

Industrial Vacuum
Booth 3719 – The CFM 135 is a durable, lightweight, polypropylene (plastic) industrial vacuum that can stand up to the challenges of the manufacturing industry. Powered by three 800-W motors, the plastic-constructed vacuum is ideal for use with surface preparation tools and equipment. Other features and benefits include an oversized main filter that ensures minimal maintenance and reduces downtime, an external filter shaker that maintains the vacuum’s maximum suction power and filtration performance, an ergonomic container release for easy emptying, large fixed rear wheels and locking swivel casters for improved maneuverability, and an optional upstream HEPA filter for the safe containment of collected debris. The HEPA filter exceeds the 99.97% efficiency standard down to and including 0.3 µm.
Nilfisk-Advance America Inc., Malvern, PA 800-645-3475 www.pa.nilfisk-advance.com

Booth 1250 – The Blow Thru sieve enables processors to screen and transport material simultaneously. For use in dilute-phase pneumatic conveying lines, the screener helps increase production and ensures that incoming ingredients and outgoing products are contaminant free. Ideal for any bulk powder application up to 14.5-psi pressure, the screener can safely screen powders as they are being loaded or unloaded from trucks, tankers, or silos at rates of up to 60,000 lb/hr. The unit assembles and disassembles with a single tool and is mounted on a mobile stand for use at multiple locations.
Russell Finex Inc., Pineville, NC 704-588-9808 www.russellfinex.com

Modular Piping System
Booth 2507 – Made from smooth, calibrated aluminum with a low friction coefficient, the SmartPipe compressed air distribution system is available in 76- and 100-mm diameters. This versatile modular piping system features lightweight materials and push-to-fit connectors that can be installed without threading, welding, or sweating. It provides the best possible flow and will not rust or corrode. Full-bore fittings minimize pressure drop, and leak-free connectors prevent costly compressed air loss. All pipe diameters can be easily integrated into existing systems, and they can be modified to accommodate changing needs. Simple mounting and connecting hardware makes installation easy.
Kaeser Compressors Inc., Fredericksburg, VA 800-777-7873 www.kaeser.com

Air Classifier
Booth 1605 – The Elbow-Jet air classifier can perform simultaneous multiple classification of fine dry powders. Particle size can be controlled precisely and easily, and cleaning and maintenance are easy because of the unit’s simple design. Scaling up from the smallest model to the largest is also accurate and easy. The Model EJ-L-3 LABO is for laboratory use. It features classification points that can be determined automatically. All necessary auxiliary equipment is provided as a built-in package with casters for easy conveyance. After electricity and compressed air have been connected, the unit can be operated immediately.
AAAmachine Inc., Arlington Heights, IL 847-886-4535 www.aaamachine.com

Bulk Bag Material Conditioner
Booth 3917 – The compact patent-pending Material Master bulk bag material conditioner utilizes hydraulically actuated conditioning arms and a rotary lift table to quickly, safely, and efficiently return even the most problematic hardened materials to a manageable, free-flowing state. User-friendly touch screen controls and full machine guarding allow completely automated conditioning cycles.
Material Transfer & Storage Inc., Allegan, MI 800-836-7068 www.materialtransfer.com

Baghouse Controller
Booth 1350 – The B-PAC MICS series of baghouse diagnostic controllers seamlessly integrates intelligent filter cleaning (IntelliPULSE technology), pressure control, particulate monitoring, auxiliary sensing (such as fan amps, temperature, airflow), and a wide range of control functions into a single easy-to-use system. The system can operate as a stand-alone controller or it can be networked with existing PLCs and DCS systems. The modular instrumentation and control system platform provides endless configuration options for all types of baghouses and cartridge filters, from low-cost basic devices to full process optimization systems. Benefits include reduced maintenance costs, lower compressed-air use, energy savings, and maximum product recovery. B-PACs are also a comprehensive solution for EPA MACT, Title V, and other compliance regulations.
FilterSense, Beverly, MA 978-927-4304 www.filtersense.com

Robotic Valve Bag Placer
Booth 5612 – The patent-pending Series 2020 robotic valve bag placer is designed to provide automatic placement of bags on one or multiple spouts at rates of up to 20 bags per minute. It utilizes the Fanuc M-10iA robot with a standard iPendant controller for easy operation. The placer uses regulated pneumatics and a mechanical bag gripper to separate bags, achieving high-speed placement. The equipment eliminates the risks associated with repetitive motion and respiratory diseases, which are inherent in the bag-filling area.
PASCO, St. Louis, MO 800-489-3300 www.pascosystems.com

Aeromechanical Conveyor
Booth 2132 – The Spiroflow aeromechanical conveyor AutoTensioner is an updated design of the system already in the field. It is more economical for a wider cross section of applications. Other key benefits include reduced downtime, reduced maintenance, and increased rope life. The company also offers the newly developed range of Spirostore flexible silos. The high-strength, durable polyester fabric containers are supported on a steel frame that can store from a few cubic yards to 200 cubic yards and 50 tons of dry bulk solid material. The silos can be mobile or stationary. They are tailor-made to suit any indoor or weatherproof location, and they are designed to connect to any of the company’s range of conveyors.
Spiroflow Systems Inc., Charlotte, NC 704-291-9595 www.spiroflowsystems.com

Vibratory Feeder
Booth 1055 – The Mechatron Coni-Steel Vibro Feeder meters a variety of powders, granules, chips, flakes, and fibers. With a maintenance-free feed chute, dry solid materials are gently metered for applications in the plastics, food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries. Volumetric and gravimetric feeder configurations are available. For easy cleaning and maintenance, the unit can be completely disassembled from the nonprocess side. The new stainless-steel vibratory feeder is capable of accuracies greater than ±0.5% and feed rates from 0.01 to
53 cu ft/hr.
Schenck AccuRate, Whitewater, WI 800-606-9248 www.accuratefeeders.com

Convey and Batching System
Booth 2628 – When grouped together, Convey-N-Weigh modules form a complete automated convey and batching system. Each module starts with a vacuum filter receiver that is available in a range of sizes. A process bin activator is fitted to the vacuum filter receiver, providing powder densifying and sure feeding. A volumetric tube feeder is mounted directly to the activator’s discharge assembly. The unit works by filling, discharging, and totalizing weight. Batch accuracy is achieved by using a two-step weighing method that delivers accuracy to within 2 oz. A complete range of size filters, hoppers, and feeders cover nearly any range of batch making.
HAF Equipment, Centerville, MN 651-653-5098 www.hafequipment.com

Fluidized Screw Reclaim System
Booth 4906 – This dome and reclaim system integrates two technologies: an efficient air-gravity conveyor system for initial cleanout and a rugged mechanical screw reclaimer for final cleanout. The technology provides totally automated fingertip control of hard-to-reclaim materials, including cement, fly ash, talc, powders, and other fluidized materials. The company also provides a complete family of silo and dome storage and reclaim systems.
Laidig Systems Inc., Mishawaka, IN 574-256-0204 www.laidig.com

Multifrequency Screener
Booth 1039 – The Kroosh SXE screener places the screen surface in multifrequency peak resonance mode to perform screen separations from 20 µm to 1 in. This updated model features easier disassembly for quick cleaning. It also utilizes nontension working screens so that rescreening is performed on-site at a fraction of the cost of other methods. The high amplitude of the screen surface offers performance advantages over traditional screening technology.
Elcan Industries, Mamaroneck, NY 914-381-7500 www.minox-elcan.com