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An Introduction to Powders

May 16, 2014

Whether as raw materials, intermediates, or final products, powders are integral to a huge range of industrial processes, contributing to some 80% of all manufactured goods.
“Powder are used to produce many of the products we value most in daily life,” says Tim Freeman, managing director, Freeman Technology Ltd. “At Freeman Technology we focus exclusively on powders, especially how to characterize and understand them, so as to enhance product development and improve manufacturing processes. This booklet – the first in a series – is a distillation of what we’ve learned about powder behavior, from more than a decade of working with these challenging but fascinating materials.”
The booklet provides a straight-forward, practical introduction to powders. Written for those new to the field, or for those more experienced with powder handling looking for new insight, it addresses the following questions:

1. Powders or particles? What are the differences and why are those differences important?

2. What aspects of powder behavior are interesting from the industrial perspective?

3. Why do powders flow or stop flowing?

4. What factors influence how powders behave – in a process, or as a product?

For more information, contact Freeman Technology at +44 (0)1684 851551 or [email protected], or visit www.freemantech.co.uk.

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