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Integrated Storage Systems for Silica and Foundry Sand

October 27, 2008
Bolted RTP (rolled, tapered panel) silos under construction

The Cardinal FG plant in Coleman, Oklahoma, was conceptualized to provide silica sand for the production of glass. Cardinal Glass (the parent company of Cardinal FG) will take delivery of approximately 135 to 145 tn/year from this green-field facility. The plant will also offer silica sand and foundry sand to a variety of other customers. Due to the high demand in today’s economy for oil and gas production, two types of frac sand were also added to the products produced at this facility.

The sand excavation process begins by dredging with a fully electric dredge for the operation. Sand is then pumped to the wet plant for processing, which includes scalping, scrubbing, and dewatering the sand. The sand is then transferred to the dry plant, where it is once again dried and screened to obtain optimal sizing. The sand is then directed by a series of conveyors and bucket elevators to the storage silos.

Being the plant’s main product, the glass sand is stored in two 1000-tn RTP (rolled, tapered panel) field-erected bolted silos (27 ft diam × 61 ft tall). The glass sand is then transferred via conveyor to another bucket elevator. The bucket feeds a shop-fabricated welded storage silo placed on a structure (12 ft diam × 38 ft tall) designed for truck drive-through. Equipment, which includes a bulk loading spout, is automated to fill trucks for distribution.

The frac sand is produced in two “sizes”: meshes of 40/70 and 70/140. It is transferred from the dry plant via separate conveyors and bucket elevators to two 300-tn (14 ft diam × 62 ft tall) shop-fabricated welded silos for storage. Each silo has its own discharge conveyor, bucket elevator, and chute to transfer material from storage to one of two truck loadout silos. These silos are also configured with automated equipment to fill trucks. Trucks from all three loadout silos are weighed on a truck scale prior to leaving the facility for distribution.

Plant manager John Vanderwal was an integral part of designing, purchasing, and building the facility. Tank Connection, a leading manufacturer of bolted RTP, field-weld, shop-weld, and hybrid storage silos, was selected for the project due to the level of its experience in integrated storage systems for dry bulk storage applications.

“The way they install the tanks from ground level is amazing,” said Vanderwal, referring to the method of installation that uses a synchronized hydraulic-screw jacking system that allows crews to stay close to the ground during the entire installation. This field installation process receives top ratings in the industry for quality and field installation safety in silo construction.

This is the 31st facility for Cardinal, but its first sand plant. The glass sand portion of the facility was fully operational by mid-October. The frac sand system is scheduled to be up and running by the beginning of 2009.

Tank Connection LLC is a leading manufacturer of bolted RTP, field-weld, shop-weld, and hybrid storage silos. Visit www.tankconnection.com for more information.