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Instrumentation & Process Control Spotlight - August 09

July 31, 2009

Bin Monitoring Console
The SmartBob C-50 analog expansion console enables monitoring of multiple bins equipped with SmartBob2 or SmartBob-TS1 sensors from a single C-100 control console. This offers the benefits of reducing the amount of equipment needed to monitor multiple bins, simplifying installation, and reducing overall equipment and wiring costs. The C-50 is the latest enhancement to the cable-based inventory tracking system, which is designed to measure the level of powders, granules, pellets, and dry bulk solids in all types of bins, tanks, and silos. The console provides networked communications by interfacing with the C-100 to provide multiple 4–20-mA outputs, and centralizing all analog outputs to a single centralized location.
BinMaster, Lincoln, NE 800-278-4241 www.binmaster.com

Weight Indicator
The 825 Spectrum weight indicator’s ability to simultaneously view 10 scales on-screen allows its user to instantly determine material inventory. The power of the large 640 × 480-pixel color LCD becomes apparent when, in one scan of the eye, you can check on your entire tank farm’s stocking levels. By touching a scale’s weight on-screen, the indicator brings up the individual scale’s information to set zone target values and ranges, zero weight, and apply tare weights. Two next-generation, 32-bit ColdFire processors with 64 MB user memory make the unit fast, easily handling up to 10 scale cards and weighing 200 samples per second independently. Monitoring weight at 200 samples per second allows instantaneous gate cutoff that is ideal for digital fill control applications, such as asphalt load-outs, rock quarries, grain silos, and chemical industry applications.
Cardinal Scale Mfg. Co., Webb City, MO 417-673-4631 www.825spectrum.com

Flush-Mounted Moisture Sensor
The FP-24C flush-mounted moisture sensor features a rugged design for use in mechanically hostile environments like mixers, chutes, belt conveyors, and augers. Features include laboratory accuracy and an analog 4–20-mA signal for moisture and temperature. The user-friendly unit has been successfully used with grains, livestock feeds, coal, dried potatoes flakes, kitty litter, sand, soap flakes, dried bakery waste, pecans, and crushed limestone.
AgriChem Inc., Ham Lake, MN 800-533-4385 www.agricheminc.com

Rate Controller
The HI 4060 rate controller is now available factory installed in a stainless-steel (NEMA 4X) enclosure. It can be configured as a blind unit or with a keyboard and display. A load cell summing board or intrinsic barrier assembly can be added to eliminate the need for a system junction box or for use with hazardous Class I, II, and III, and Division 1 and 2 applications. The controller comes standard with EtherNet and optional EtherNet/IP TCP/IP, DeviceNet, Allen Bradley Remote I/O, Profibus, or Modbus TCP/IP networks. It includes Waversaver to eliminate the effects of surrounding vibration for fast, stable weight display; C2 electronic calibration without test weights; a Secure Digital (SD)–based Secure Memory Module card for fast transfer of configuration data; an embedded Web server for instrument access over a Web browser; and Integrated Technician for system diagnostics and troubleshooting.
Hardy Instruments, San Diego, CA 800-821-5831 www.hardyinstruments.com

Hazard Monitoring System
The Electro-Sentry hazard monitoring system combines shaft speed, belt alignment, and bearing temperature measurement into a single solution. It features the Command Center touch screen display for easy visual monitoring and fast alarm identification. Straightforward installation and no end-user calibration necessary means that all components are ready to use out-of-the-box. The unit also utilizes standard 4–20-mA signals, as opposed to proprietary software or black boxes, which can be limiting or challenging to support. The system is ideal for elevator or conveyed material applications.
Electro-Sensors Inc., Minnetonka, MN 800-328-6170 www.electro-sensors.com

Process Control Systems
BEST’s technologically advanced, fully integrated industrial process control systems for bulk-process-handling applications are designed and built in the company’s in-house UL-listed panel shop. These systems are used in a wide variety of applications to streamline production operations. Production monitoring and management features are programmed for the user’s choice of automation platforms. Production and maintenance schedules can be configured on one server that logs and reports real-time and historical production data, downtime data, production trends, and maintenance. Reports can be detailed as required.
Metso Minerals Industries Inc., Brunswick, OH 800-827-9237 www.bestvibes.com

Process Control Systems and Batching Automation
These control systems include integrating personal computers, programmable logic controllers, and equipment for weighing, batching, and process control systems. Using Windows-based hand-prompt batching controls, the systems provide accurate minor ingredient weighing. An operator interface panel is used in conjunction with a scale to sequence the operator through a preprogrammed formula, one ingredient at a time. Customized controls are designed around the application requirements, bin volumes, feed type, size, and scale capacity. The batching controls provide formulation storage and inventory of raw materials and finished batches along with real-time batching status, weighments, and material in suspension correction.
Prater-Sterling, Bolingbrook, IL 877-203-3540 www.prater-sterling.com