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Heavy-Duty Horizontal Paddle Blender

June 24, 2013
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Charles Ross & Son Co. accepts custom fabrication projects for virtually any application. Engineered and built based on customer-defined design specifications, pictured is a heavy-duty horizontal paddle blender with a working capacity of 450 gal and stainless steel 304 product wetted parts. Designed for vacuum up to 25 in. Hg and 5 psig internal pressure, the cylindrical trough includes a pneumatically-operated dome cover and 150-psig three-zone heating/cooling jacket. The solid one-piece agitator shaft featuring special kneader/paddle blades turns at 5–45 rpm and is driven by a hollow bore right angle heavy-duty gear reducer with a 75-HP explosion-proof, constant-torque motor. Batch weight is measured by load cells rated for 6000 lb. A 20-HP extraction pump assembly is located at the center bottom of the trough for efficient discharge of the finished product at a precise and constant flow.
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