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Heat Exchangers Spotlight - October 08

September 26, 2008

Heat Exchanger

This heat exchanger uses glycol/water to cool and dehumidify. First, the hot air stream passes through an air-to-air heat exchanger where it is cooled from 200° to 150°F. Then, to dehumidify the air, it is cooled to 50°F with the glycol/water. The condensate created is removed through a drain in the bottom of the shell. Before exiting, the 50°F air passes against the entering hot air in the air-to-air heat exchanger where it is heated to 100°F, which lowers its relative humidity. These heat exchangers can be modified to optimize performance for specific installations. Custom designs for unique applications are also available.
Xchanger, Hopkins, MN 952-933-2559 www.xchanger.com

Scraped-Surface Heat Exchanger

The Terlotherm vertical scraped-surface heat exchanger’s design features allow this versatile piece of processing equipment to handle various applications such as cooking, heating, cooling, slush-freezing, crystallization, pasteurization, and sterilization of many different products that include confections, creams, fruits, soups, sauces, meat products, dairy products, and many other foods. Advantages include a vertical design for small footprint space; easy maintenance; and only one shaft seal. Additionally, the unit contains five times more heat-exchange area than conventional equipment, and there is a hinged top cover for inspection and cleaning without disturbing the shaft seal. One-piece scraper blades can be replaced without tools, and the operating and maintenance costs are low. The unit will process the most sensitive or complex products or particulates with minimal damage to them. It is also bottom driven to eliminate the possibility of any product contamination and is fully CIP-able.
Terlet Co., Swedesboro, NJ 856-241-9970 www.terlotherm.com