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Ground Monitoring System for Static Dissipative FIBCs and Containers

March 5, 2012

The upgraded Earth-Rite FIBC is an effective way to ensure correctly specified static dissipative (SD) or conductive materials are used in hazardous area applications involving FIBCs (big-bags or super-sacks) and other flexible or semi-rigid containers. The Earth-Rite FIBC uses intrinsically safe monitoring electronics that continuously verify the container’s resistance and satisfactory connection to ground. When these conditions are confirmed, the system provides local indication to operating personnel in the form of pulsing green multi-LEDS, along with a pair of control contacts (DPDT) that can be interlocked with the process to prevent transfer of product until a safe condition exists. The system is certified for safe use in hazardous areas to all major worldwide approvals and can be installed in accordance with North American NEC Class/Division practices or IECEX/ATEX Zoning requirements.
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