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Gentle Dryer for Impregnating, Heating, Drying, and Cooling

July 13, 2012

The ‘Gentle Dryer’ is a machine for impregnating, heating, drying, and cooling of powders, granules, and natural products. The design of the machine is based on the Lindor rotary drum mixer. The drum and scoops have a double wall and the machine allows for a hot airstream through the flowing product and the rotating drum. The concept has been registered for a global patent. Both the drum and the scoops can be heated with saturated steam of up to 8 barg (temperature: 172°C). Condensation of steam in the double jacket of drum and scoops, right at the point where the product requires heating, provides a maximum of heat transfer to the product. For air drying the machine is equipped with features to allow a large airflow through the flowing product and rotating drum. Both media, steam and air, can be applied at the same time to optimize heating, drying, and cooling. The machine is also equipped with liquid injection nozzles.
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