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FT4 Powder Rheometer Uses Patented Dynamic Methodology

December 5, 2012
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The FT4 Powder Rheometer uses patented dynamic methodology, a fully automated shear cell, and several bulk property tests to quantify powder properties in terms of flow and processability. Dynamic methodologies measure a powder’s resistance to flow while the powder is in motion. Testing can be applied to consolidated, conditioned, aerated, and even fluidized powders to directly quantify how a powder responds to air and provide data that correlate with process performance. Shear cell accessories include a wall friction kit to quantify how the powder shears against the wall of process equipment, to generate data for hopper design and more general equipment specification. Bulk property accessories permit permeability, bulk density, and compressibility measurement. In combination, this range of capabilities makes the FT4 a truly universal powder tester and a powerful and versatile instrument for powder characterization.
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