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Force Flow Air Packer

April 9, 2013
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The Air Packer (Force Flow) Family 700 Series offers high weight accuracy and simple operation. These air packers are designed to fill and weigh fine powders, flakes, pellets, and granules with a particle size of 3/8 in. or smaller. The filling and weighing system is fully integrated into a single machine and under a single interface. Several air packer models can have Clean Pak Style Ultrasonic Valve sealing system fully integrated. Multiple units may be banked together under a single hopper to provide higher production rates. Applications include a wide variety of chemicals, minerals, and food products, such as concrete mixes, gypsum, resins, phosphates, carbon black, flour, starch, powdered sugar, dextrose, etc. Features include: bulk and dribble product flow, with slow “top-off” that improves accuracy (electronic models); inflatable sealer that closes off the gap between the filling tube and the bag’s valve to minimize dusting during fill; easy changeover quick-drop bottom for clean-out between runs; small footprint so multiple machines can be banked together under one bin; no moving parts in the product’s path, which results in low maintenance.
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