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Extremely Fine Stainless Steel Screens

February 22, 2013

Fine MicroEtch stainless steel screens using photoetching technology are used for particle separation and sizing, as well as hydraulic valve screens, fuel filters, laser light filters, and extruding screen applications. Photoetching enables designers to specify a straight or tapered hole, which facilitates liquid filtration and back flow cleaning. Hole sizes range from .003 in. and up. A standard line of screens with holes in a 60° or 90° pattern is available with maximum guaranteed perforated area of 18 x 21 in. Other sizes and custom shapes are also available. Unlike stamping, photoetching yields a burr-free product resulting in cleaner more efficient screens with greater material integrity. These screens feature a tighter tolerance on hole sizes and greater dimensional stability than woven wire mesh, making them ideal for applications requiring frequent cleaning or in devices where there is mechanical contact.
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Tech-Etch Inc.