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Environmental Control Booths

The Tri-Flow environmental booth was designed to meet the five specific requirements customers say are most important for an environmental enclosure in an industrial setting: protection from dust and noise; efficient filter performance; simple operation and maintenance; booth design flexibility; low life cycle cost. It provides HEPA level filtration performance and has a MERV 16 rating. It is 99.999% efficient on particles 0.5 micron and larger by weight. Perforated acoustical panels contain and absorb noise generated inside the booth. There is no air turbulence, no "hot spots," and no uncomfortable drafts to interfere with operator productivity. Tri-Flow booths use low-speed, low-noise direct-drive blowers that are an integral part of the booth and power module. The booths feature a smooth, ledge-free interior to minimize dust accumulation. Each booth is custom-configured to suit the application, and can be expanded as facility needs change. 
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