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May 11, 2007

Thermoplastic Rubber Hose
Flexadux T-7W medium-weight black thermoplastic rubber hose with a safety yellow external polypropylene wear strip is suitable for fume and dust removal. The wear strip is reinforced with a wire-steel helix to provide high visibility and excellent abrasion resistance. Designed for use at temperatures from –40° to 275°F, this general-purpose hose is resistant to chemicals, extreme moisture, ozone, UV rays, and weathering. Suited for fume and dust removal, it is available in 2- to 24-in. ID sizes in standard 25- and 50-ft lengths. Providing up to 20% better flow than traditional hose, it has an easy-to-clean smooth inner surface and is extremely flexible and compressible, with tight bending characteristics.
The Flexaust Company, Inc., Warsaw, IN 800-343-0428 www.flexaust.com
Pipeline Metal Detector
This patent-pending pipeline metal detector is suitable for detecting metal contaminants in slurries and semisolids. The unit’s design features a uniform diameter and requires no clamp. It is USDA meat–, poultry–, and dairy–approved for the highest sanitation requirements. While other pipes are secured with a clamp, this new pipe design uses screw mechanisms at the end points and utilizes O-rings to secure it in place, eradicating the potential for food particles to become trapped. It also has the same diameter throughout the length of the pipe, which makes “pigging” or cleaning much easier than other designs. With ease of cleaning inside the pipe and less need for cleaning the outside of the pipe, operators are faster and more efficient, allowing for more uptime on processing lines.
Mettler-Toledo Safeline Inc., Tampa, FL 800-447-4439 www.mt.com/safelineus
Aerated Bin Discharger
The Aerated Bin Bottom bin discharger provides safe and efficient unloading of fluidizable material from silos, bins, and surge hoppers, while using low-pressure blower air to bring about smooth flow of any commodity and provide total bin aeration. When dry bulk material rat holes or bridges in the storage facility, preventing total unloading, the unit offers a cost-effective solution to get the material flowing. The design ensures the continuous flow of fluidizable bulk granular materials finer than 80 mesh.
Cyclonaire Corp., York, NE 888-593-6241 www.cyclonaire.com

Bulk Container

The Pole-BAG container arrives completely assembled and uses less warehouse space than the various components used with boxes and liners. This clean, easy, and efficient bulk package was developed for the handling, transport, and storage of food and other products. The Combo-BAG is utilized in the same manner as a box with a liner, except there is no wood, metal, or cardboard contamination. No pallet is necessary and no cardboard is used. It is 100% plastic and the tare weight is approximately 10 lb compared with 70 lb for a box/liner/pallet. Setup typically takes less than a minute. The liner stays attached to the outer container, and the container is strong and not affected by moisture. The container can be transported via forklift by the straps on top or put on a pallet and moved by a pallet jack.
B.A.G. Corp., Dallas, TX 800-331-9200 www.bagcorp.com
Motion-Monitoring Device
The BEMF motion-monitoring device guarantees that motor-driven equipment such as mixers, hammer mills, and pellet mills has completely stopped before access is granted. Safety and downtime performance are better than with fixed time-delay systems. While an electric motor is rotating, whether powered or not, an electromotive force is generated. This force is measured by sensors in the BEMF unit. A key, corresponding to a lock on the machine’s guard hatch, is not released until the sensors register zero speed. The key is then released and can be used to gain access to the machine. Access is granted as soon as safely possible, unlike fixed time-delay systems that can overcompensate rundown times for lighter loads. The device prevents access to the equipment while it is running. Entrance to the equipment is immediate after reaching zero speed. The equipment cannot be restarted until personnel have safely withdrawn, closed, and locked the guard hatch.
Castell Interlocks Inc., Erlanger, KY 859-341-3075 www.castell.com