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August 21, 2009

Static Monitoring/Interlock System
The danger of fires and explosions posed by a buildup of static electricity when filling or discharging material from Type C FIBCs and similar semi-conductive containers is controlled by the Earth-Rite FIBC grounding system. The FM- and ATEX-approved systems constantly monitor Type C containers (SuperSacks) and similar containers, ensuring that the containers’ anti-static features are within the correct specifications and achieve a constant positive ground connection. The system provides verification that the bag’s antistatic construction is functional and that it is correctly grounded.
Newson Gale Inc., Jackson, NJ 732-987-7715 www.newson-gale.com

Rotary Valve for Abrasive Materials
Used for metering dry granular materials in manufacturing processes, the Rhino H rotary valve provides a smooth, predictable flow of material without the problems that plague other valves not designed for abrasive materials or not able to be customized. Intended for highly abrasive materials, the valve is rugged and dependable, minimizing the need for maintenance and replacement. Rotor vanes have hardened tips, and tight tolerances between shroud and rotor vanes minimize material entry that can cause wear. Moreover, an optional abrasion-resistant coating is available. Typical applications include cement, sugar, grains, plastic resins, and lime. It may also be used beneath dust collectors and cyclone separators.
Aerodyne, Chagrin Falls, OH 800-236-1506 www.aerodyneus.com/008

Particle-Size Analyzers
This new line of particle-size analyzers features an innovative design for consistent dispersion of dry particles. The high-tech design combines variable air pressures with full software control of the pressure and the sample feed mechanism. The exclusive design is ideally suited for a wide range of samples including sticky particles, very fine or course particles, or hard and brittle materials. The design of the mixing chamber and the nozzle ensure that the airflow disperses the sample in a fine and homogenous particle cloud at low pressures to avoid particle destruction. Samples are de-agglomerated with air pressures ranging from 50 mbar to 7 bar. The resulting particle flow is then directed to the laser path through a succession of Venturi sections and a special nozzle. Users are assured repeatable results, even in the submicron range, as the analyzers fully comply with ISO 13320 guidelines. Particle shape information is also available with the optional ExpertShape image analysis package.
Cilas Particle Size, Madison, WI 608-274-7719 www.particle-size.com

Tablet Press
The Courtoy Modul P tablet press meets the demand for increased flexibility and product containment when working with potent compounds, especially in regard to small-scale tablet presses. A key element of the design is the ease of removing the exchangeable compression module (ECM) from which the product cannot escape. This eliminates the need to clean the inside and outside of the press and the room, which results in increased operator safety and a reduction in cleaning time of up to 50%. The ECM for the Modul P is available for all tooling types and, more importantly, it serves various applications. These include a dust-tight ECM down to 10 µg/m³ for single-layer tabletting, a washable ECM down to 0.5 µg/m³ for single-layer tabletting, a dust-tight ECM down to 10 µg/m³ for bi-layer tabletting, and a washable ECM down to 0.5 µg/m³ for bi-layer tabletting.
GEA Pharma Systems, Columbia, MD 410-997-6692 www.niroinc.com

Industrial Hose
The Scirocco II hose provides an alternative to conventional systems for transporting dry powders through a processing system. Using fluidization principles, the hose allows easy cost-effective fitment into confined spaces, requires virtually no maintenance, and, most importantly, uses less power. This results in savings in overall processing costs. It is an alternative to conventional methods of transporting powder through processing systems such as screw, belt, or air slide conveyor systems. The hose operates on the fluidization principle in which a granular material is converted from a static solid-like state to a dynamic fluid-like state when a gas is passed up through the granular material. The fluidization system of Scirocco II is vulcanized into the lower wall of the rubber hose. This incorporates air supply ducts from which small openings lead into chambers covered with a breathing cloth membrane. Airflow is equally distributed over the full length of the hose. A precise arithmetic relationship between the inner diameter of the feeder line channel, the choke inlet diameter, and the size of the expansion cell means that the entire cross section of the hose can be utilized for transportation.
Trelleborg Industrial Hose, Trelleborg, Sweden +33 4732 58181 www.trelleborg.com/industrialhose

Compact Butterfly Valve
The Oyster Compact series valve represents a step forward in the design of butterfly valves used to manage the flow of powders in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and food industries. The gasket and vane dimensions are unchanged, but the valve body has been completely redesigned to reduce the overall dimensions of the valve and the weight by around 20%. The new valve has a totally new clamp design (Tri-Clamp) to simplify the process of dismounting and reassembling the valve in place, a process that is further simplified by the reduced weight. The valve is supplied with Tri-clamp mounting ferrules, which mean easier standardization for the plant operator.
Powder Technologies Inc., Hainesport, NJ 609-914-0521 www.powdertechusa.com

Filter Receiver
The Filtair series filter receiver provides automatic reverse-jet cleaning of filter media during the gas or material separation process in a vacuum or pressure transfer system. The tangential inlet, located in the receiver’s circular hopper, provides a cyclonic separation of the material or airstream. Airborne material is trapped by the filter bags. Timed, compressed air pulses clean the filter bags, dropping the once airborne material into the hopper. A single row of filters is cleaned at a time, leaving the remaining filters on-line. The filter bags are protected from the material mainstream by a deflector shield. Efficient performance of the filter receiver is achieved through the proper selection of filter media and the correct air-to-cloth ratio. The unit features a quick-access door where filter bags are easily accessed for service and comes with an enclosed solid-state timer board and solenoid valves. Materials of construction include carbon or stainless steel.
K-Tron Process Group/K-Tron Premier, Salina, KS 785-825-1611 www.ktronprocessgroup.com