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May 26, 2009

Excited-Base Vibratory Conveyor
The Tex-Flex excited-base vibratory conveyor utilizes a single maintenance-free rotary electric vibrator. It is mounted to an isolated conveyor frame and produces the maximum conveying action with minimal power requirements. The rotary electric vibrator is inverter-driven, which allows for easy adjustment of conveyor speed. This unit has adjustable eccentric weights that allow the force output and resulting conveyor stroke to be easily changed in the field, which optimizes conveying efficiency. It is equipped with stainless-steel conveyor pans and Steel-It painted conveyor frames.
Triple/S Dynamics, Dallas, TX 214-828-8604 www.sssdynamics.com

Conical Screen Mill Sifter
The ComilSift is designed around the Comil Underdriven series and the FlexSift, and allows processors to handle two distinct tasks with one unit. With minimal effort, the unit can go from milling applications up to 15,000 lb/hr to security screening and delumping applications up to 99,000 lb/hr. The milling mode is up to 50% more efficient than conventional mills due to the large infeed diameter. The security screening mode features a positive, 360° discharge that effectively segregates and retains impurities and other foreign materials, cutting sifting times by up to 80%. The low-profile construction fits into tight spaces, allowing for easy integration into most process streams and often eliminating the need for feeding equipment.
Quadro Engineering Corp., Waterloo, ON, Canada 519-884-9660 www.quadro.com

Compact Mist Collector
The compact MSH mist collector, the newest addition to the Smog-Hog line of electrostatic precipitators (ESP), measures at only 27 × 21 × 20 in. The unit is equipped with a large-capacity ESP collection cell that captures three to four times the amount of fume than similar systems, leading to fewer cleanings and substantial savings. The unit utilizes a variable-speed drive motor, producing air volume up to 500 cfm that enables users to adjust airflow and overall energy use as needed. Additionally, the MSH uses a heavy-duty mist-stop coalescing prefilter and metal mesh afterfilter for maximum contaminant collection.
United Air Specialists Inc., Cincinnati, OH 800-252-4647 www.uasinc.com/msh.aspx

Drum Holder
MORcinch is an entirely new design of drum holder featuring a cinching action that adjusts to the vast majority of drum diameters, holding drums more securely. It embraces almost the entire girth of drums, evenly distributing the weight to maximize security of the grip and minimize stress points that can cause drum sidewall damage. It is fast, ergonomic, and self-adjusts to virtually all diameters of drums made of steel, plastic, or fiber. The unit works with a variety of Morse drum handlers, from floor and high-lift models to lift-truck attachments and below-hook products.
Morse Manufacturing Company, Inc., East Syracuse, NY 315-437-8475 www.morsemfgco.com

Rotary Valves
This company has developed a completely redesigned rotary valve family for granular products, consisting of valves for various pressure applications, as well as a quick-clean version. The valves are available for discharge applications as a low-pressure version for 3 psi, a medium-pressure conveying valve for 22 psi differential pressure, and a high-pressure conveying valve for 50 psi differential pressure. Valves are designed in stainless steel and available in sizes from 4 to 20 in. The main advantage is the new patented low-leakage rotor that saves energy in the pneumatic conveying process, which includes a new leakage air vent design as well. The valves are equipped with rotors with various numbers of specially designed vanes in order to keep the air leakage extremely low.
Pelletron Corp., Lancaster, PA 717-293-4008 www.pelletroncorp.com

Cartridge Filter
The Ultra-Web SB CD cartridge filter is a Torit-Built filter cartridge engineered for dust collection applications where electrostatic charges can be hazardous. It is manufactured using a robust conductive media that captures submicron dust on the surface of the cartridge filter. Using a patented electrospinning process, the nanofiber weblike net of the filter media promotes self-cleaning, lowers pressure drop, and extends filter life, thereby saving energy and maintenance costs. Benefits of the new Ultra-Web SB CD cartridge filter include: high durability based on a tough conductive spunbond polyester substrate; high filtration efficiency on submicron particulate validated by ASHRAE 52.2-1999 test method, resulting in a MERV 15 filtration efficiency rating; thorough cleaning of fine, fibrous, and agglomerative dust due to wide pleat spacing; minimized static charge buildup; excellent moisture control and chemical resistance; and less production downtime.
Donaldson Torit— Donaldson Company, Inc., Minneapolis, MN 800-365-1331 www.donaldsontorit.com

Radar Gauge
The state-of-the-art MCG 1600SFI radar gauge is suitable for use in SIL 2 safety applications. This safety performance rating helps the user confidently maintain safety integrity level designation. The gauge uses Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) radar technology for high accuracy and reliable custody transfer measurement. It is available in a variety of protocols, is a noncontact, nonintrusive unit, and is lightweight and explosionproof, with up to six alarm contacts. Its compact design makes installation easy. The gauge is UL, CUL, and ATEX approved. Comprehensive lightning and surge protection is standard. Smart Flash Technology and a high-speed digital signal processor make the unit virtually maintenance free.
L&J Technologies, Hillside, IL 708-236-6000 www.ljtechnologies.com