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Editor's Choice

March 30, 2009

High-Speed Abort Gates
In case of dust explosion in a conveying duct, abort gates isolate and divert fire and shock waves out into the atmosphere, thereby protecting personnel and dust collection equipment. Standard features include: heavy-duty fully welded steel construction; painted OSHA safety yellow; 110-V control panel; manual gate reset by a hand-crank actuator; gate accelerating springs; fail-safe electromagnets; steel gate seals; and limit switches for gate position indication. All abort gates are 100% compatible with all brands of fire and explosion suppression equipment and are factory tested prior to shipment.
Imperial Systems Inc., Jackson Center, PA 800-918-3013 www.isystemsweb.com

Twin Centrifugal Screener
The Centri-Sifter twin ultra-high capacity centrifugal screener matches the capacity of two individual high-capacity screeners within a smaller footprint, while cantilevered three-bearing shafts allow rapid sanitizing. Dry or moist bulk solid material is gravity-fed through a feed splitter to evenly divide the flow of incoming feed material into the two horizontally oriented cylindrical screening chambers. A shaft in each screening chamber rotates a helical paddle assembly that accelerates the radial movement of particles against the screen. On-size particles pass through apertures in the screens and fall through a cone-shaped discharge chute, while oversize particles are propelled through the open end of the screen cylinders and ejected through a discharge spout.
Kason Corp., Millburn, NJ 973-467-8140 www.kason.com

Bag Dump Station
This patented bag dump station features a vertical spindle that is fitted with flexible blades to promote mechanical discharge of dry solid ingredients from within a hopper. This prevents the solids from bridging and compacting. The totally mechanical arch breaker avoids vibration compaction or air fluidization contamination and provides precise metering, as the sweeping action of the agitator is related to the metering screw speed. Design characteristics ensure easy retrofit into existing systems. Up to four screw feeders can be driven on the same unit to feed different injection points with only one container.
Sodimate Inc., Chicago, IL 312-588-3348 www.sodimate-inc.com

Slide Diverter Valve
The three-position slide diverter valve features a sealing method that uses regulated compressed air applied to the sealing rings, which results in an airtight seal between the inlet and outlet ports. Features include: minimal line deflection and full port flow for low pressure drop; pipe or tube sizes from 2 to 6 in.; bi-directional (divert or converge); air and dust tight; can be used for pressure or vacuum applications; and carbon (standard) or stainless-steel product contact points.
Smoot, a div. of Magnum Systems, Kansas City, KS 800-748-7000 www.smootco.com

Laboratory Balances
Cubis balances feature a modular design and can be custom configured and adapted to the changing requirements of different applications. From simple weighing to management of complex sequences using the user/password management feature, the units meet advanced weighing requirements at the most sophisticated level. The Q-Level provides the option of fully automatic, motorized leveling at the touch of a key (not available in the MSE unit). They are top-loading analytical balances with a motorized draft shield, which enables them to be adapted to any work environment. Besides being motor-driven, the DI draft shield has a built-in ionizer that eliminates interfering electrostatic charges on samples, or on sample containers, at the touch of a key. Other features include five-digit top loading and Q-Pan off-center load compensation.
Sartorius Mechatronics Corp., Edgewood, NY 800-635-2906 www.sartorius-usa.com

Bulk Bag Pallet
Designed specifically for use with FIBCs, LoadRight pallets reduce the total system cost of distributing products in bulk bags. The pallets are lightweight (7–10 lb) and easy to handle, yet strong enough to hold up to 10,000 lb of bagged product. The space-saving design cuts pallet storage space by more than 50%. Made from 100% recycled paper, they provide a clean, hygienic, and environmentally friendly solution that is easily recycled. The pallets exceed all ISPM 15 export requirements.
Sonoco, Hartsville, SC 888-875-8754 www.sonoco.com

Drum Separator
The Model HFP drum is specifically designed to provide increased efficiency of separation by regulating material flow to the face of the drum. It also prevents material from plunging directly onto the drum shell, which reduces the possibility of physical damage caused by impinging heavy material or heavy tramp iron. The drum offers advanced controlled feed and discharge features, and has a nonmagnetic stainless-steel portion to prevent the hopper from being magnetically induced. A hinged, telescoping, fully adjustable stainless-steel drum splitter allows the end-user to fine-tune the separation efficiency of the drum. Three inspection panels allow the user to view the critical areas of operation inside the housing while the unit is in operation.
Eriez, Erie, PA 888-300-3743 www.eriez.com