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November 20, 2008

Container Loader System
The FulFiller container loading system quickly loads granular or pellet products into standard ISO containers at rates up to 8475 cu ft/hr. The high-speed belt-based loader is designed to throw, rather than convey, material the full length of either a 20- or 40-ft-long lined container in 10 minutes or less when filling a 20-ft container. The throwing action does not damage the material and is ideal for plastic pellets, refined sugar, grains, soybeans, animal meal (pellets), wood chips and pellets, rice, and clay pellets. All three models have a mobile design. The mobile forklift frame model can be moved by forklift, allowing the unit to be hung on the rear of an empty container prior to the container being moved under the loading silo or hopper. The fixed-frame model is designed for use with silos that are always used for out-loading materials into containers. The dedicated mobile frame model is mounted on wheels, which allows it to be easily positioned under the required silo without the use of a forklift.
Schenck Process, Whitewater, WI 888-742-1249 www.accuratefeeders.com

Water Mizer Shaft Seal
The Water Mizer shaft seal has all of the features of the Air Mizer with one main difference: water is used to attain the seal. The design includes a ½-in. waterline connection that attaches to a regulator to control the water pressure. A drain is located on the backside. The shaft floats on a water barrier, which provides unlimited axial movement without placing any stress or strain on the product. Without any moving parts, the seal attains zero contact, zero wear, and zero frictional drag. Typical applications include screw conveyors, mixers, blenders, rotary valves, feeders, gates, clinker grinders, bucket elevators, diverters, scales, bagging machines, dust collectors, discharges, classifiers, screens, extruders, separators, shredders, sifters, gate valves, metal detectors, pulverizers, crushers, coolers, aerators, mixers, agitators, transfer pumps, fillers, and similar wet and dry powder and slurry processing equipment.
Inpro/Seal Co., Rock Island, IL 800-447-0524 www.inpro-seal.com

Sanitary Bulk Bag Filler
This bulk bag filler features all-stainless-steel construction finished to sanitary standards and a pivot-down fill head that enables the operator to connect empty bags at floor level and resume filling operations rapidly. The patented swing-down filler simultaneously lowers and pivots the fill head, stopping it in a vertical position that places the bag inlet spout inflatable connection, inflator button, and four bag loop latches within reach of an operator standing on the plant floor. The new design eliminates the danger of stepping onto and over roller conveyors to access rear bag hooks and spout connection collars. It also eliminates the danger of standing on the conveyor and bending over to pull bag spouts upward over inflatable collars while reaching for bag inflator buttons. A remote console or wall-mounted panel houses controls to raise and pivot the fill head into a locked, horizontal fill position, automatically inflate the bag to remove creases, open a flow control valve or start a feed device, and stop the flow of material once a preset fill weight has been gained. Optional vibratory decks de-aerate and densify material in the bag at preset set points to create a solid, stable bag that is ready for shipment.
Flexicon Corp., Bethlehem, PA 888-353-9426 www.flexicon.com

High-Capacity Grinding Mill
The 3000-HP high-capacity vertimill is used in concentrate regrind applications with fine feed and product size. With increased capacity, it reduces the number of mills required in secondary grinding applications, thus making it an economical option for mines. In comparison with ball mills, the vertimill can perform the same grind using 30–50% less energy and significantly lower grinding media consumption. Furthermore, the machine has fewer moving parts than a ball mill, translating into lower maintenance and operating costs. This unit can be built in comparable lead times to smaller vertimills, and in considerably shorter lead times compared with traditional ball mills.
Metso Minerals, York, PA 717-849-7213 www.metso.com

Rotary Airlock Valves and Feeders
These rotary airlock valves and feeders for pneumatic conveying and bulk material handling applications are available in light-, medium-, and heavy-duty models, all with rugged heavy-duty housings with square or round flange configurations. All models are available in cast iron and stainless-steel construction. Precision machining of internal surfaces provides effective seal. The valves are ideally suited for pressure differentials up to 15 psi and available in sizes from 4- to 26-in. DR-S drop-in-series feeders, DTVF trough feeders, and CI-metric-CE rotary airlock feeders are also available.
ACS Valves, Caledonia, ON, Canada 905-765-2004 www.acsvalves.com

Constant-Discharge Valve
The Vacu-Valve Platypus is a constant-discharge valve for dust collectors, hoppers, cyclones, and other equipment operating under negative pressure. Its unique duck bill design allows it to dispense free-flowing material continuously. The Platypus is low maintenance, requiring no lubrication or power source and has no controls. It is ideal for empty dust collection units and is available in carbon or stainless steel. The replaceable duck-bill sleeves are available in neoprene, Viton, or white nitrile, making the unit suitable for general use, high-temperature, or food-grade applications. Typical applications include foundry, mining, cement, pharmaceutical, dry foods, plastics, chemical, and manufacturing. 
Aerodyne, Cleveland, OH 800-358-7546 www.aerodyneus.com

Smart Bulk Solids Activator
The ActiFlow smart bulk solids activator prevents bridging and ratholing of cohesive bulk materials in stainless-steel hoppers. ActiFlow is a non-product-contact device, consisting of a patent-pending vibratory drive and intelligent control unit. In applications involving difficult flowing materials, it eliminates the need for mechanical agitators with secondary motors and gearboxes, as well as the need for flexible sidewall agitation devices or aeration pads. The patent-pending self-tuning algorithm implemented in the control module monitors the system continuously and adjusts the frequency and amplitude of the unit to maintain flow within the hopper.Bridges and ratholes are prevented before they can form.
K-Tron America, Pitman, NJ 856-256-3265 www.ktron.com