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July 23, 2008

ProGrade-series magnets are offered in three degrees of magnetic strength to meet the varying demands of different industries. All three levels are available in grate, plate, tube, and trap assemblies. ProGrade Ceramic magnets provide basic protection from medium- to large-sized tramp metals such as bolts, nuts, and hand tools. ProGrade Rare Earth magnets help prevent product contamination and tramp metal damage. They remove small ferrous contaminants such as pins, rust, and scale. Assemblies feature stainless-steel construction, high-power rare earth magnets, and robust welds and finishes. ProGrade Xtreme Rare Earth magnet assemblies combine high-quality materials and construction techniques with powerful magnetic circuits to remove weakly magnetic fine ferrous contaminants. 
Eriez, Erie, PA 888-300-3743 www.eriez.com

Nordfab ducting is suited for dust, mist, and fume collection. The Quick-Fit premium line is laser-welded clamp-together ducting that is available in diameters from 3 to 24 in. It installs in half the time of traditional ducting and is adaptable to existing ducting. The ducting is reusable. In addition, it can be taken apart for cleaning or it can be reconfigured without tools. It is available in galvanized, aluminum, or stainless steel. Most orders ship in as little as four days.
Nordfab Ducting, Thomasville, NC 800-532-0830 www.nordfab.com

Dust Collectors
This line of dust collectors features advances that meet the rigorous performance demands required to control dust, as specified in a company’s automated trim- and waste-handling systems. Seven different models have a modular design that accommodates expanded or reduced dust loads. A proprietary hopper design allows the collection drum to be emptied without the need to shut down the dust collector, enabling nonstop operation. The dust collectors also include safety features to protect workers and reduce liability. All serviceable components, including filter cartridges, are accessed from outside the unit to eliminate OSHA confined-space-entry concerns and minimize workers’ contact with the dust.
Precision AirConvey, Newark, DE 302-999-8000 www.precisionairconvey.com

Bulk-Handling Enclosure
Responding to the need of effective containment during bulk powder manipulation without the expense or space requirements of a traditional walk-in or freestanding enclosure, this company developed the PowderSafe bulk-handling enclosure. With a drum access port incorporated into the base of the enclosure, the drum can be raised and sealed to the access port, extending the enclosure’s containment area into the drum. When drum access is not required, the included access port cover can be used to seal the base, allowing the system to be used as a standard balance enclosure. Designed to provide a turbulence-free airflow environment, the enclosure moves air in a horizontal pattern to maximize containment while minimizing sample loss and balance instability. Proprietary HEPASafe filter change-out technology is incorporated into each enclosure, allowing the operator to safely and effectively change both the prefilter and the primary HEPA filter.
AirClean Systems, Raleigh, NC 800-849-0472 www.aircleansystems.com

Material-Handling System
This company offers Flo-Control transfer-point design, fabrication, and installation to handle granular and particulate material. The system uses a discrete element methods (3-DEM) chute-analysis simulation program to focus on solving spillage and dust control at load-zone transfer points. After analyzing the flow of the material, a hood deflector is incorporated as the material leaves the discharge pulley. This deflector, with adjustment control, allows for fine-tuning of the material, achieving optimum flow. The enclosure is lined with impact-resistant ceramic liners that can be easily changed as they wear. The hood helps to minimize dust creation and material separation as material enters and flows down the chute. On the receiving end or bottom end of the conveyor, a spoon-shaped element ensures that the material will flow in a uniform direction without affecting the chute or the receiving conveyor belt. The stainless-steel ceramic-lined bottom chute ensures that the material is soft-loaded at approximately the same speed as the receiving conveyor. Designed to eliminate flow restrictions that can cause material buildup, the chute is center-loaded on the conveyor.
ASGCO Manufacturing Inc., Allentown, PA 800-344-4000 www.asgco.com

Three-Dimensional Virtual Packaging System
This 3-D virtual system for potential clients uses the leading online 3-D virtual world technology behind Second Life to build 3-D replicas of entire product lines. The program allows clients to see their equipment in operation prior to manufacturing. Customers receive a real-world view of the benefits they will receive from the machines before the equipment is on the plant floor. Clients submit plant floor dimensions, existing equipment, products, and new equipment needs. Engineers can click and drag individual systems into place and produce a working virtual line with new systems using the clients’ floor space and building dimensions.
Custom Equipment Design, Monroe, LA 318-345-2222 www.cedpackaging.com

Two-Bearing Centrifugal Screener
The medium-capacity model MO Centri-Sifter centrifugal screener features a canti­levered shaft with two externally mounted bearings between the screening chamber and motor drive, allowing all internals to slide freely from the shaft end for cleaning, screen changes, or inspection. Wide spacing between the bearings, a large-diameter shaft, and a flexible shaft coupling combine to prevent vibration, even at high speeds under heavy, imbalanced loads. The new screener is intended for food, dairy, and pharmaceutical applications requiring thorough washdown, as well as other applications involving frequent screen changes and inspections or runs of multiple materials where cross-contamination is of concern.
Kason Corp., Millburn, NJ 973-467-8140 www.kason.com