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February 21, 2007

Orifice Gate
The Vortex Quantum-series orifice gate utilizes precision laser cutting and stainless-steel bending technology. The gate features an all-stainless-steel weather-resistant design offering improved sealing performance, higher durability, easier maintenance, and fewer parts than comparable products. The patent-pending gate is versatile and well suited for many dry-material-handling applications. It can be applied to control, shut off, or meter the flow of nonabrasive to moderately abrasive powders, granules, or pellets.
Salina Vortex Corp., Salina, KS 888-829-7821 www.vortexvalves.com

Quick-Clean Centrifugal Screener
The model GO Centri-Sifter centrifugal screener features a cantilevered shaft with two externally mounted bearings between the screening chamber and motor drive, allowing all internal parts to slide freely from the shaft end for cleaning, screen changes, or inspection. Wide spacing between the bearings, a large-diameter shaft, and a flexible shaft coupling combine to prevent vibration, even at high speeds under heavy, imbalanced loads. The screener is intended for food, dairy, and pharmaceutical applications that require thorough wash-down. In addition, it is used in applications that involve frequent screen changes or inspections, or in processes involving the use of multiple materials where cross-contamination is a concern.
Kason Corp., Millburn, NJ 973-467-8140 www.kason.com

Rotor Detection System
The Rotor Detection System (RDS) is designed to immediately alert plant operators that a valve’s rotor vanes have come in contact with the valve body. If a valve fails, it sends a signal to the plant’s SCADA system and immediately shuts the valve down, preventing contaminated product, costly shutdowns, and product rejections. The RDS monitors electrical isolation between the rotor and valve housing. If a rotor vane touches the valve body—even if only for a split second—a warning is sent. The system offers companies that process food and pharmaceutical powders a high level of security from metal contamination. The RDS is available on all of the company’s rotary valves.
Nu-Con Equipment, Chanhassen, MN 877-939-0510 www.nucon.com
Weigh Feeder/Hopper System for Dosing and Metering
The E-Z weigh feeder/hopper system is ideal for dosing and metering exact quantities of material. When placed on a bench-scale base, it can be controlled to provide a constant feed rate or an exact amount of material for batch processes. Waterproof and explosion-proof, the system provides fast, accurate feed rates and features electropolished stainless-steel construction. Engineered to work with most electronic scales, the feeder drive system operates at less than 65 dBa.
Martin Vibration Systems and Solutions Inc., Marine City, MI 800-477-4634 www.shake-it.com
Maintenance and EPA Software for Baghouses
FilterWare for baghouses and all types of dust collection systems enables users to automate process control, maintenance management, and EPA compliance needs. It provides instant maintenance diagnostics, process visualization, report generation, and remote services. The HMI/SCADA and reporting software interfaces with the company’s range of baghouse controllers, sensors, and CEMs. Stand-alone and plant-wide systems are available. Benefits include low operating costs, excellent productivity, and turnkey EPA reports that are compliant with 40 CFR 63.
FilterSense, Beverly, MA 978-927-4304 www.filtersense.com